Topless And Happy

Her eyes reflected a hint of contentment, something I haven’t seen in her in a long time. Not since the days before I left for a far away land, and definitely not since the days when she left me to my own sorrows. Her sheepish grin teased me in a way that I’ve long forgotten, like a hearing waves roll onto a beach long before you glimpse the waters of the ocean.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.”, her voice purring with a cat like seduction.

Leaning forward, she gave me a better view of what was to come. Her top came off as easily as my surprise. Another a long forgotten sight marred by the passages of time.

I took a sharp deep breath. Excited. My eyes unable to tear away from the sight that beheld me. My mind trying to recall the last time I saw her naked bosom up close. The self-inflicted scars faded, yer still so obvious against her pale skin. Scars that I used to caress so tenderly. It was my way of easing her burden, her pain in the most intimate way we shared. I had forgotten what that was like. What that meant for both of us.

“You know Mel is in the other room.” I exclaimed. My voice still quivering with surprise of her action, but without any fear of the consequences.

“Then I finally have a chance to meet the girl who took you away from me.”

Her voice still echoing with with a cat like purr. Without malice, without spite. With every confidence and calm from the person I used to be with. The person I still love. It was then that she looked deep into my eyes and did something I never thought I’d see again. She smiled from her heart and I knew at that very moment, that she was finally happy.

My eyes snapped open. I lay on my bed. The sunlight peering through my blinds. The computer fan humming softly beside my bed. It was another one of my dreams. The ones I get so vividly. The ones that I can always remember throughout because they were about her. Groggily, I reach out for my phone. It was 7 in the morning and there were no text messages from her. I suppose since it was freaky enough for it to happen once, it might have been too much to ask for it to happen again.

Just to know if she found her own happiness, maybe this time I should call in advance.

4 thoughts on “Topless And Happy

  1. Hopefully for her Cléa. One would think the person you still care for in so many ways is finally happy.

  2. I keep coming back to this entry. I love it so much. The details and the emotion strike a strong chord with me, and it inspires in such a wonderful way, even in sadness.

  3. @Jeff: Such inspiration can only come from such sadness. Only in the realisation of loss in such a way does one grow to appreciate the intricacies of what it means to be happy, or at least wish for that happiness, especially in the people we care for the most.

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