Tourism Minister Calls “All Bloggers Liars”

Even though it’s pretty much old news as it is. Just when you think that people just can’t push the “huh?” factor any higher. Malaysian Tourism Minister Tunku Adnan was quoted saying:

All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.

On International Women’s Day no less. You got to hand it to him. What a way to put your foot into your mouth in front of the whole world. Now doesn’t it make you wonder just who has been feeding him all of his current “understanding”? Please please let it be a guy who’s been living under a rock for the past few years because I’d hate to have it be someone who’s actually supposed to know a thing or three about the net.

You know what would really be something? This could be a plot to discredit bloggers because all he has to do is let all of us blog about what he allegedly said, then a few days later say something else and then we’d all come out looking like liars. When you think about it that way, it’s so diabolical that it’s sheer genius. Then again, that’s just me. I’m naturally paranoid.

Personally I don’t really care, because someone who has the grace to say something like that on print isn’t someone worth taking seriously. If Malaysians on top of the administrative chain insists on trying to piss people off by discrediting the technology oriented voters much less the women, I can tell you that they pretty much hit the nail on this one. How things play on from here depends on whether matters such as this remain solely on the net or whether people take to the street on this one.

You can’t really change anything when you sit down on your chairs all day and repeatedly call people stupid for something they said or did. Look how far that got the government or the people. So I’m just going to call it as it is and write it off as something that you’ll find in Malaysia. Something to be taken with a grain of salt.

So on the lighter note of things. You know what else would be something? Hypothetically if it’s true that all bloggers are liars. If a blogger blogs about how they have been lying all the time. Won’t that essentially be a lie? Then that would mean that the blogger was telling the truth. Which also means that the statement about the blogger lying would be true and the blogger is lying about the fact that he lies all the time…and so on.

Don’t you just love it when you play around with paradoxes?

7 thoughts on “Tourism Minister Calls “All Bloggers Liars”

  1. It seems to be a reaction to this post, where an Indonesian travel TV shot host details the disappointments she and her crew had with the Malaysian Tourism Board.

  2. Yes I head its a reaction to that one and how disorganized it was. Is it just me though or don’t Malaysians react to criticism nicely?

  3. well, then again Malaysia’s ministers always have another agenda on their mind when making statements such as that 🙂

  4. It;s been 2 weeks since the “incident” so where do we stand now? Where does the Minister stand? Whatever happened to all the hoo-haa?? And what do you think will happen in future?
    History repeats itself, I say..

  5. It’s just a Malaysian thing. People don’t practice what they preach. So they said something. How’s that any different from any other politician that said something and did nothing?

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