The real downside to not blogging because you’re busy with more important things in life is that when you do have time to blog about the things worth blogging about, the mood for you to actually put it down is more or less gone…which is basically what I’m feeling about now.

So what’s left of the past few days are just fragments of anecdotal witty one liners that would mean nothing to anyone save for myself. Not exactly worthwhile things you’d put down for the world to see much less for me to remember, but then that’s what happens when you don’t put things down as you see them.

I should really start carrying a small notebook with me. When I mean notebook though, I do mean the ones where you still use a pen to write down upon…no…not a tablet PC…it doesn’t need power, that’s the one. I should really start moving some of my thoughts onto paper before it gets lost because I didn’t have the time nor the capabilities to go on and save it for the world to see. Given the rate in which I have become busier than a bee, I think that would be a real good idea in the long term.

Or maybe I should go back to blogging in a book. Then again, it’s not without it’s problems. How’s anyone going to comment anyway?

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