Understanding Canberraology

I would have put these pictures up earlier, but some of you know how I was going through the whole bad-old-webhost-move-to-new-webhost thing so I really didn’t have a chance. But anyway, as a testament to field testing my new camera for the first time, here is one of those rare posts from me that’s machine gunned with pictures. What better way than a quick run down to the Australian capital city of Canberra.

Forget Me Not
You can’t blame her. It was 3 in the morning. Though in retrospect, wearing uggs around Canberra would definitely keep your feet warm.

Lost Part I
Edrei’s Tourist Survival Handbook states “When in a new city for the first time. Randomly pick a direction and get lost. You’ll know the city faster that way and you’ll never know what you’ll bump in to.”

Spastic Center
Such as this little novel center of the city. I wonder if it’s trying to tell us anything about Australia’s capital. See if you can spot what I’m trying to say.

Place Your Bets
No we didn’t. Not at 8 in the morning. But we would have. We have statistical and probability science on our side.

It’s a holiday. We have the right to take pictures of ourselves by the lake.

Bumming Around
If anybody asks, we tell them we’re up to our ears with work but that’s what we usually end up doing around here to begin with.

German Car Exhibiton
Guess what we bumped into? A one day only German car exhibition. Mel was bored to death. On the other hand, I was like a kid in a playground.

Porsche GT3 RS
Especially when I saw this little baby. It’s a big kid thing I guess.

Got to love the Germans
Trust the Germans to come up with cars these days.

Lost Part II
Edrei’s Tourist Survival Handbook states “Never leave the map with your girlfriend unless you want to walk around aimlessly or you have Edrei as a human compass.”

At least she didn’t pose like a young Japanese tourist. That’s thankful enough for me.

Parliment House
The seats of power where the clowning around begins.

No One Around
Damn I would have loved to be here when the pie throwing starts.

In Pain
Mel forgot to bring her shoes. I forgot to bring my painkillers. Needless to say walking around Canberra for the entire day isn’t healthy for my pain threshold.

Dangerous Shot
You can’t really be an Asian tourist unless you walked right into the middle of the highway just to take this picture.

Hey Albert
Hey Albert, this one’s for you.

Sunset Pic
Sunset. Bridge. 4 people walking to the city for dinner. Can the shot be any cooler than that?

Fishy Meal
What a meal to end the day. One whole fish…

Say Ahhh
…and your favourite Japanese girl to feed it to you.

So that’s all from Canberra. Well not really, that’s all that I can put without people waiting ages for the page to load or being bored to death of other pictures Mel eating the flowers from Floriade. If that really rocks your boat however, the rest of the pictures can be found in my Canberra Gallery. Either way, I think I’ll go back to Canberra again for the rest of the sights. It really isn’t that bad for a place that completely dies at 5 in the evening, especially when you have someone right beside you to enjoy it as well.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Canberraology

  1. Chibster: Yes it was. 🙂

    Patel: Whereas Canberra is too quiet, at least for my liking. Then again, I’ve gotten too used to the Australian way of life. 🙂

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