Up North Down Under – Mackay

Alright, seeing that I’ve got many many many pictures to put up, I guess I’ll have to split them into two parts. So if the loading of the page is a little slow, well…you know what they say, patience is a virtue. I promise you that it wouldn’t or at least shouldn’t be that boring. It’ll just make you wish that you actually went on a holiday like we did which by itself is the by product of our vacation. That being said, enjoy what’s coming up.

And we're off
If you look close enough you can just barely see the glint of joy nearing Mackay itself. Well, why wouldn’t we? It is a 14 hour trip from where we stay anyway. Even the natives would be restless on that one.

You just can’t officially start your holiday unless you pop open some nice pricy imported Amsterdamer Beer. Needless to say, Mel knows how to enjoy that a hell lot more than I do.

Yes, I'm very very tired
Arming your cousin with a camera isn’t a good idea. Especially when she wakes up a hell lot earlier than you do and take this picture.

Easter breakfast. Cured ham, fried bacon, a sunny-side up, hash browns and a piece of toast. Unfortunately I haven’t got the hang of this food picture taking business yet.

Look, I got a visit from the Easter Bunny. Look at all the tracks on my table. Look at all the tracks that I have to clean up on my table. Somehow I was in the mood for eating rabbit rather than the chocolate. I wonder if that’s legal on Easter?

Mmmm...large bed
Yes, Mel got the better end of the deal. A queen sized bed with a poolside view. And I thought I was the relative living there. Oh well, we made good use of that in the end anyway.

The finishing touches
As I’m obsessed about Rubiks cubes. Mel’s obsessed about jigsaw puzzles. We happened to find a few around the house. Now I’m obsessed about Rubiks Cubes and Jigsaw puzzles. That is not a good thing to be addicted to.

This had to be worth mentioning. That has got to be the best set of Monopoly I have ever seen. Varnished wooden base and Gold plated pieces. Now there is a game worth playing on a holiday. Of course, we lost to an 8 year old, but…ummm…we let her win, that and the fact I landed on Mayfair…twice…with a hotel. Pure beginners luck I tell you.

This is a Queenslander house. For a moment, I thought I was back in Malaysia because it looks like the sort of things you find in our kampungs. But I wasn’t…this is a true and true Australian house found mainly in the state of Queensland. Talk about hitting it a little too close to come.

Eungella National Park
Eungella National Park. Please note what’s in the background rather than the fact that I could stand to lose a couple of pounds.

That my friends is a Platypus. At least that’s what the picture should show if you just squint your eyes a little bit more. God, they are smaller than I thought.

Land full of clouds
Land of many clouds indeed. A few hours later, I swear to God, we couldn’t see where we were driving.

The tractor. Couldn’t it be anymore obvious?

Cane farm
Did I mention my uncle was a Sugarcane farmer? Miles and miles of cane for the eyes to see. Ok I’m lying. It’s just 150 or so hectares worth of it.

Happy eggs
I like my eggs very happy in the morning thanks.

When you got no time for the beach. The poolside tan is the next best thing.

Computer fixing
You didn’t think I’d get away with this vacation completely free of charge did you? Someone had to upgrade the aging dinosaur of a computer. At least it was over…ummm…several glasses of Jim Bean.

Where’s the froggie? There’s the froggie.

With that, we’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures. You’re just not going to believe what happened next. Trust me on this one.

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