Up North Down Under – Mackay Part II

Continuing the Mackay holiday trip we had from the last post, let’s see what happened shall we?

Bangsar house
People build sandcastles. Since we’re Malaysian, we might as well build a Bangsar house. Complete with high walls, a swimming pool, garage for their many cars and a guard house. We’re on the assumption if they had more space, they’d add the moat as well. To make it a little closer to home, it’s Feng Shui tested as well.

Windy beach
Since it would be illegal to show the rest of my bare body, I just took a picture of my face instead.

This picture of the…scenery is for a certain someone. Mel got to my ear before I could add more shots.

We couldn’t bear to stomp on what we just built. So mel went Godzilla on sandballs instead.

Oysters Kilpatrick. The only oysters dish that I can shuck into my mouth at a high rate without feeling naseous.

I swear to God, I actually put on more weight in this holiday instead of losing it…but with steaks looking like this…I wouldn’t blame myself.

I wonder what exotic Mackay scenery we’re we overlooking to this time?

Yup, overlooking a quarter million tonnes of coal that passes by this depot ever day. How’s that global warming for you?

Now here is a friendly wild kangaroo by the beach.

Kangaroo redux
We thought we might have taken a wrong turn somewhere while hiking so I thought we’d ask the locals for directions.

High beach low tide
How’s that for beach scenery for you?

Kangaroo redux redux
The locals didn’t trust us with where we’re going. So this one followed us…all the to the highest point of the hill…2.8km out. His name’s Roo, he’s single and he’s easy going with the ladies.

Did I mention that I’m a pyromaniac? It’s more than enough reason to invite me to your barbaques.

Evangeline and me
My cousin and I. Everything looks good…until she tries and manipulate you into doing her bidding with her cuteness.

Iced Chocolate
Now that’s something refreshing midway back home. No. It’s mine. You can’t have any.

Quantas food
Malaysian airlines, take note, this is how other countries save money. Think about it next time you give us food on a two hour trip.

Best picture yet
We were bored on the plane. The fact that this picture exists proves it.

Sydney Chinatown
You can’t stop by Sydney and not have chinese food if you’re from Asia somewhere and you’ve been in Australia for a while. It’s as close as we can get to the food back home.

Homeward bound
Last train home for the night. 5 and a half hours of just sitting around was never a good thing. At least we managed to catch some shuteye.

House chores
Mel’s favourite pastime, raking leaves into a pile and jumping on them. Don’t tell her though, I put a couple of slugs in there while she wasn’t looking. Watching her jump around after that would be my favourite pastime.

There we have it. All the pictures we have of the holiday that we definitely needed. You know what? I think I like to go up north sometime again soon. All this being in the cold in the middle of winter is really a bother. Maybe Bundenburg City…you know…where they make the rum. Now that’s that I call a holiday.

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