War, Peace and Near Naked Men

Australia is not without its moments of amusement and interesting moments that would otherwise have you take your camera out or at least wish you had a camera with you. In this case, it would be the dichotomy between two people, one appreciating the simple beauty of nature, the other honouring those that died fighting for what they believed in. Despite the stark contrast, there are more than a few things in to share in common…like random madness. That being said, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Step Socks
You didn’t think we’d open with a pair of socks on the steps did you? Then again, neither did we, the first thing on a cold Canberra morning.

Nemo's Brother
Why there was never a sequel to Finding Nemo.

Being Australian
You can’t be any more true to Australia than a bed full of flowers marked with an outdoor dunny and a ute.

Porch Life
You can’t get any more lazier than this.

Tulip: Upclose
For the photophiles with a penchant for an artsy perspective.

Sand Sculptors
I wonder what would they eat in their natural habitat?

Kangaroo Men
The missing link between Australians and Kangaroos captured on photo.

Street Performer
Another reason to toss in a couple of coins for your friendly street performers.

Especially when they do this.

War Memorial End
The Parliment houses from the place where people go to remember.

Lost Time
The frozen time, melted at the moment the first Atomic Bomb hit Hiroshima, at 8:20 am

Unknown Soldier
Lest We Forget.

Alright, so it isn’t the most post worthy of pictures, then again it’s also far to say that there are 150 pictures worth of this in the gallery. You might get a better idea of what happened along the way. After all, I left out the live piglets and more half naked men for a purpose. Given that, we still shouldn’t forget that while we live our lives in peace, we shouldn’t forget that some moments of bliss are built upon the those that fought to protect it.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it helps to remember, honour and pay tribute to those that fought, bled and died for your freedom. Given with a token of sincerity and maybe a whole lot of flowers.

3 thoughts on “War, Peace and Near Naked Men

  1. Hey there…I have been trying to find out where to hire these Kangaroo men!! Where did you see them, and do you have any contact details for the Kangas? Thanks heaps!


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