Warning Labels

Seen on the label of my charcoal pill bottle.

“May sometimes cause darkening of the faeces”

Well, at least I’m well informed so I don’t have to loudly exclaim “My God!! It’s all black!!” while I’m doing my number twos. But seriously, would that really bother anyone when you have a bad tummy all day long?

3 thoughts on “Warning Labels

  1. I think it be much more alarming if it said “may cause whitening of the feces”, or “may cause feces to look like twice baked potatoes”. What I’d love to see is a warning label saying: “may cause no change in your feces at all, do not be alarmed or call your doctor if everything stays the same while on this medication”.

  2. Well, if we get caution signs on take away coffee cups telling us “warning: contents are hot”, d’uh, why not on charcoal pills, and black liquorice, and red beetroot, and in the morning, “must switch brain on”!

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