Weekend Block

You have so many things that you have to do right now. You have so much to tell the world. You have so many words to pick and choose from. Then all you can comes to mind are the fleeting thoughts of a good idea that you forget as soon as you think about it.

It’s just one of those days that go nowhere no matter how much you try. So why bother? It’s too good a lazy weekend to waste on that much brain matter. Especially when it feels like it was trying to escape from your head. What I need is a tall order of martini and a balcony to drink it on. Failing that, there is always a good book and a bed to sink yourself in.

I know you know where I’m coming from.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Block

  1. I no longer blog just for the sake of it, or because I feel the pressure to update. It’s quite liberating.

  2. It always is Cléa, unfortunately some paperwork doesn’t have that luxury to contend with. If only our creative muses functioned as well on our work as our hobbies. It would make our lives much easier.

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