Weekend Shift

The long days and nights are turning into one long week. Unbroken by moments of solace and comfort, it would seem that every responsibility and every crisis is punctuated by even more demands for an immediate resolution to an unforeseen matter.

I don’t know how I can keep up. I don’t if I can keep up.

But I have to keep up. If only for the sake of appearances or something more than that. If the rewards are as good as they are, then maybe taking on 7 days a week for the next few weeks isn’t a bad idea after all. At least that’s something that needs to be reminded to myself every now and again.

In the world we live in, sometimes personal well being and sanity can be sacrificed for something more. Something that the world runs on. People who say otherwise are usually people that take it for granted, but I say that people won’t really understand until they’ve walked in the same shoes as I’m walking in now.

For the price of the weekend shift and every social good that comes with it, there is always more money in return and that much I cannot say no to.

Not at least while I am a poor university student.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Shift

  1. Yes, we don’t realize it but we always work more in return for a better pay. We always think that we’re just poor students, or that we’re still young, and that we can still afford to work consecutive weekends.

    But please take care, my friend. Health and sanity are something you cannot buy from the money you earn working extra shifts 😀

  2. Pelf: I supposed we can’t buy. But we can be very good in pretending that everything is status quo. People don’t ask questions when nothing goes wrong.

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