Welcoming Internet Explorer Users

Sometimes you got to take a break from needful things, especially when you’ve been regularly sleeping at 3am doing them.

So I’ve taken the liberty and added a little something extra for Internet Explorer users, just to say thanks for all the years the browser has made my life extra difficult by forcing me to waste more time coding my pages twice so that everyone can see the same thing. If that wasn’t hard enough, imagine that you’re partially clueless about CSS and how to code things.

It isn’t the most lightweight work in the world tweaking and refreshing the page, I can tell you that. But if you didn’t see anything on the way in, then that’s definitely a good thing. If you did see on the way in, then…it might do you some good to actually do what it says because if not, you’re going to keep seeing that page for a long long time. If you want to see it, why don’t you fire up IE and see exactly what happens? You’d be glad you won’t be annoyed to see that come out everytime you open a new page.

However if you just happen to be in a public area where you can’t simply switch from Internet Explorer, there is another solution which just happens to work very well with your thumbdrive and will make all the bad messages go away:

Introducing Portable Firefox

Don’t you think it’s time to get something that works a little better? It’s not that hard a choice to make, I can promise you that.

7 thoughts on “Welcoming Internet Explorer Users

  1. yup. sometimes viewing websites in firefox or in ie are not same. i myself have tried many times to fixed my site css so ie users can view the same thing like in firefox.

  2. Hahahah, nice friendly msg for IE users.
    I always try my best to make both look good. Usually in the end, i’ll just implement things that worked good on both.

  3. Haha. Yes, you’re absolutely right. It is a pain accomodating both.

    I actually did something similar a while ago but lost it due to a server crash. Having said that, the message is fine but I’m not sure whether the ad is appropriate under google’s terms.

  4. CypherHackz: It’s that damn margin for one. Well, IE7 is supposed to fix all that which pretty much means it’s going to be a pain to remove the IE only attributes THEN code a seperate CSS for the IE legacies.

    Chapree: It’ll work…after a long time. Sometimes, there is no other way of doing it. At least, no other way that I know off. Coding isn’t my forte anyway. 🙂

    Gbyeow: The ad works fine under Google terms but it’s cutting it pretty damn close. I had to reword the original text a bit so it’s not exactly asking people to click on it. Besides, referrals only pay when people only download Firefox from my link.

  5. You sure? Now that’s odd. Maybe you just didn’t finish loading it. It’s the last thing to load on the page, not the first unfortunately.

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