What Did I Do In The War?

While on the lookout for new blogs to read, I found this on Scienceblogs.

What did I do indeed?

Now you can’t exactly have yourself knee deep in a science that essentially plays God if you don’t believe in evolution. Not that fundementalists have anything to say about that, it’s just that creationism is just too much of a laugh to actually take seriously. What I do take seriously is when people out there have this narrow view of what the basis of evolution is about, sticking instead to parochial views and heresays about how life on earth began…and then try and teach a whole new generation of people that this is how the world works and anything else is a lie.

That’s what ticks me off.

I can’t say I did much in this ongoing war on evolution. So I learnt the basis of recombining DNA. So I messed around with natural selection a bit by trying to grow antibiotic resistant bacteria. So I made a few people question religion’s “unquestionable” God. That really isn’t going to do much when there are schools in the world that actually remove evolution from the subject and instead teach us that the world and everything that is was created in a a space of a few days. There is nothing you can do when you got that stuck in your face.

So instead, I do what I can do…which is to keep doing what I need to do. If it’s to keep to the basics of recombining DNA, so be it. If it is to keep pushing the limits of natural selection by tampering with microevolution to produce genetic changes on a macroscopic level, so be it. If it’s to produce a whole new generation of people who question God and whatever is in those books then so be it.

At the end of it, I hope one day when my daughter asks me what did I do in the war on evolution. At least I hope to tell her “Well…I was one of the people who kept quiet and went on to alter the genetic landscape forever.” Maybe then, she could live in a world where parochial fundementalism is just another part of medieval history.

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