What Do You Get For A Guy In A Girl’s Body?

Presents are a hit and miss affair for me. What this means is that if someone hits me in any way during the pass year, rest assured that they are going to miss out on their presents. Or not. No. Presents with me usually mean, if the perfect present hits me during my search for your present, you’re definitely not going to miss out on it. Unless it costs an arm and a leg…though come to think of it, I broke that rule once.

Anyway, before my mind starts wandering off any further. What do you get you extremely practical girlfriend for her birthday? I mean, her birthday is today…which happens to also be Australia Day (which reminds me Happy Australia Day Chickybabe, down a couple of drinks for me too)…since she’s still in Australia, I don’t have to actually give her present until I get there, in like 3 more weeks. So what do you get a girl who like yourself is comfortable with anything at all?

I’ve got to keep reminding myself that this isn’t a girl I’m buying a gift for, this is like a guy who happens to be a very very pretty girl. So what do you buy for a guy. Hell, you should ask yourself, why aren’t I asking myself? Simple. Because the cheapest thing you could probably get me are penguin paraphernalia which I would love in an instant, it isn’t particularly guy like…and the next thing on the list of things to get me happen to be very very costly tech gadgets. So you can understand my problem, you can’t take your own advice when you’re like a girl stuck in a guy’s body.

Shucks, I guess either way, I’ll figure something out. Whatever it is though, I know it ain’t going to be some soft toy or some other handmade thingie I make for people. It’s got to be something practical and…well…something that defines her. I wonder how much a black tank top, a gun with a shoulder holster and a knife sheath on the wrist would actually cost? It’s worth a try anyway. If not, we’ll just go back to thinking. Ho hum.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Get For A Guy In A Girl’s Body?

  1. An extremely practical girlfriend? Well, get her something functional! If she was a traditional woman (used in the traditional sense of the word) then you could get her roses, chocolates or whatever other crap it is that women like; but since she isn’t…

    Well, not power tools. Err, gadgets are way too costly. And apparently she isn’t into techie stuff like us eh? (I salute your choice for penguin-related paranaphernalia, BTW; linux, heheh.) Err, what about a book? Or shoes, or something that she’s been hinting at for quite some time now? (So long as it doesn’t burn your wallet.)

  2. Zafran: She never hints. No sentimental stuff cause she ain’t sentimental, she’s the ice queen. Book sounds nice since she likes to read. I’ll probably dig something up. Oh, my penguins have nothing to do with Linux though, it’s a personal thing. Thanks. 🙂

    Lishun: Hahaha, that sounds like a very good gift.

  3. I second the books idea. Better still: BOOK VOUCHERS from a store she frequents, or one that stocks a good collection of books.

    It’s cheap, simple and practical.

  4. You get her a keepsake, something that will always remind her of you. If it were winter, I would say a shawl or scarl to wrap herself in.

    And a belated cheers from down under! 🙂

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