What Else Am I To Say?

Do I not blog these days because I have a life now or because I don’t have any motivation to write it down? Not that I would call my busy working hours a “life” to begin with. Still, the backlog of things to say just keeps building and building until I’ve forgotten more about what truly matters than what I deem important enough to talk about.

I guess for the most part, it’s the gradual outlook on life I have been developing over the past few months. The solitude from pretty much every social grace has had a numbing effect. No longer do I have the motivation to discuss about every matter I think is important because I know the people around me find no interest in it. The effect does carry with it a bit more emphasis when the things I find interest in tend to be highly niche interests. There isn’t much to go on in a small country town.

There are at least plenty of side projects I know I should be working on at the moment. My computer is pretty much done, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to more I can add to it; you know, geek out to my hearts content. The stories I’m writing in preparation for NaNoWriMo are coming along as expected which would be aggravating during a writer’s block and satisfying under inspiration, though mostly aggravating given my current skills.

What’s left is to work on my blog. Given it’s complex nature, it’s something I should really take time to sit down and work on. However, if throw in the weekly chores and some much needed household sprucing up to do; between using the spare time for relaxation or working on my blog, I would have to choose to unwind.

Blogging, much less working on my blog would really be the last thing on my mind, more so when I’m beginning to convince myself that there is no point in trying to connect with people anymore. Maybe there will be one last hurrah in the matter, but as long as there isn’t anyone remotely interesting to connect with especially on a physical level, I just don’t have any will to pick up the pieces.

A pity though. It could have opened up a whole new world for everyone.

One thought on “What Else Am I To Say?

  1. Actually i am…and well…..no comment…..what am i to say?? you’ve continued writing anyway…..(hmmm….. that rhymes….) I’ll continue reading the next backdated post…..

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