What I Think Of Singapore

I know this is probably an old realization that alot of people have already though about before but, in the light of some things that have been brought to my attention really.

What has Singapore got to be proud off anyway?

I mean, when you think about it, the reason why they have one efficient centralized governing with a kick ass city is because technically, that’s all they have. That’s all they are in the first place. One big city nation where everything is in their place. You don’t need all the fancy levels of governing and administration because what in the world would you need to govern anyway?

Now I’m not condemning Singapore as something bad, I’ve been there before. I think it’s great. I like the fact that it’s nice and clean. I like the fact the escalators there are shit assed faster than the ones we have back home. It’s a well oiled city and being born and bred city slicker, I like well oiled cities.

But the whole Singapore and Malaysia bashing has to stop somewhere when you realise anyone who has played Simcity 2/3/4 really well can create just as metropolitan a city nation as you can with Singapore…or maybe Vatican City (but then it’s the Pope’s city so that doesn’t really count in a game). There is no point to say what’s good or not because at some levels if Singapore was any bigger as a nation, they’d be facing the same shit as the rest of us anyway.

It’s a nation on its own and let it be said that at the end of it, it’s just another nation in the world. Odd people or not, it’s not worth picking a fight over who is better. It’s just another headache that leads to nowhere.

4 thoughts on “What I Think Of Singapore

  1. wow. you’re one of the few people to bring up the argument of the size of singapore as a factor of its efficiency. and i totally agree! having lived there for a while, i can definitely see how much easier it is to deal with things in a country where you can get from changi to jurong in 20mins via the PIE. of course there are some things lots of countries, including malaysia, can learn from singapore, but learning and actually implementing the same concepts in a country 10 or 20 times the size of that island is totally different!

    and yeah, the fighting has got to stop. let’s all just agree that food in malaysia is better. haha.

  2. You can’t learn anything from Singapore. The way it’s been implemented is relative to its size….it’s very small size.

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