What? Me? Outstanding?

Well. Apparently, I’ve been officially nominated for the Asian Youth Ambassadors Most Outstanding Youth of the Year 2008 award. What turned out to be a partial joke on behalf of the people that nominated me has now moved up to something a little more serious.

Regardless of how I see my life and how ego-centric the perceptions of my own world is, I doubt I set myself up as an “outstanding person”. Awesome, maybe. Brilliant, probably. Clinically insane, most definitely. But outstanding? You guys know me right? I’m the least outstanding person of the bunch. You know with my demeanor, I could stand in a crowd and disappear in the thick of it, simply because I am that unremarkable.

I grew up believing that there was always a difference between being great and being outstanding. Anyone can be great. Any one of us can be special. The unique traits and qualities that define us, gives us the chance to be spectacular the way we should be. The same can’t be said for being outstanding.

Not all traits lead down that road. Not all of us have the ability to make an obvious impact in the world around us. In a world that is a stage, there are two kinds of people. Those that are on the stage, regardless of whether they are star of the show or the supporting props. And there are those behind that stage. The crew, the designers, the producers and the director.

I’ve always belonged to the people behind that stage. Being the best at what I can be by making stars shine. No less important, but no more than what I am. There is a reason why we’re not standing on that stage. We just are better at doing other things. It’s a matter of being true to yourself and doing extraordinary things with ordinary abilities. You can’t get any more satisfaction out of life than that regardless of whether you stand on that pedestal or not.

Still. It doesn’t mean that I won’t see how far it goes. I don’t expect to go all the way. It’s just that it’s a hoot to have gone this far. So no harm in seeing it to the end. Even if you know you’re not deserving. Sometimes it’s good to fantasize that you’re more than you know you are and get more than you deserve.

They say that life isn’t fair. I say why do we have to look at that sentence like it was a bad thing all the time.

5 thoughts on “What? Me? Outstanding?

  1. They say that life isn’t fair. I say why do we have to look at that sentence like it was a bad thing all the time.”

    Congrats, Ed! 😀

  2. Why do people view it as a bad thing? Because most often, many people aren’t that lucky in life. Somehow not everything goes their way, and when they see something good happening to others and not themselves, they cuss that life isn’t fair. I know because I have been on the lucky streak before, in fact many times too and I have heard my OWN friends and peers telling me that my achievement isn’t deemed as fair to them, either through their words or actions.

    Now do I honestly think you deserved the nomination? Probably not, as there are tonnes of other youths out there who are more deserving, but I’m not here to rain on your parade 🙂

    You got nominated and I’m really happy for you. If I were to put myself in your shoes, I’d probably spend less time thinking of those who deserved it but didn’t get through, and more on celebrating and feeling good about myself.

    You know why I’m saying that? Cuz it’s not everyday you get such pleasant surprises in life. So all the best and do continue updating us with this news 🙂

  3. Pelf: Thank you. 🙂

    Esther: Thanks. Certainly another way of looking at things.

    Uncannyman: Gee, what a way to rain on a parade. 🙂 Though I tend to be suspicious of every good thing that comes my way. Why? Because I’m one of those people who tend to have unlucky streaks. It’s just the way that I constantly tackle the things that makes good things seem almost non-existent in my life. It’s also the way I tackle them that makes me understand that it is much better for life to not be fair.

    Because if you’re going to pay for every mistake you earned regardless on whether or not you think you’re in the right, we’d have so short a life.

    So rather than just feel good about it. I do what I’ve always done and willingly pay back for what I have because I know at the end of the day. I have to make up for it. We all do.

    Lishun: Thank you. 🙂

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