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Yes, unfortunately I have not washed my hands of this matter because…well I can’t. At least not yet. Apparently Menj has indeed banned Malaysian IP adresses and at the time I checked, Australian, Scottish and UK IP adresses followed the fold as well. But as I’m writing this, looks like that got all sorted out since I can access his blog now.

For those of you who can’t read it however and are actually curious of why he did it, I’ve taken the liberty of putting up what his posts on the whole issue. You kinda got to click on the images to enlarge them.

Malaysians Locked Out

News Sure Travels Fast

And you can get the idea how defensive he is when he starts replying to comments like this.

Comment To News Sure Travels Fast

Then he’s got something to say about me and…well everyone else for that matter.


Fuck You

Yes I happened to be the person who called him a pansy who didn’t know how to go about banning IP’s properly. Because anyone who knows about networking knows that countries do correespond to specific IP adresses and can’t be a fluke of the system to just suddenly not work right like what he claims in defense here.


I don’t know..so he’s done this because it’s a satire. Though I do recall a satire to mean witty remarks to convey insults or scorn. I do get the insults and scorn, but I think I lost the wittiness somewhere along the line there…somewhere along religious genocide and banning all of Malaysia to his blog. Sometimes desperate measures call for desperate actions and this is definitely the act of a desperate person.

Either way you are all free to make up your mind of what kind of a person Menj is and why some of us did what we had to do. There is a difference between the right to speak your mind out and just doing it because you can. The balance here is that we all do what we see to is right or wrong and despite what other people may say, we stand up and face our accusers as well rather than hiding like a child who knows he’s in trouble for stealing a cookie.

I know where I stand and so does Menj and quite a few people. The question is, where is everyone else anyway?

20 thoughts on “What Menj Has To Say

  1. Wait. Please tell me why o’ why is he doing all – might as well ban the entire world if you don’t like what people have to say about your thoughts/you. I don’t see how this whole incident makes him any different from the rest of us. ~_~

  2. Dear Mei,

    I am doing this because my right to free speech is being threatened. Thank you.

    – MENJ

  3. Dear Serge,

    You are the smart one, you can figure out how to circumvent the .htaccess IP bans. No need for names. And there is something called RSS.

    Have a nice day.

    – MENJ

  4. “Dear Mei,

    I am doing this because my right to free speech is being threatened. Thank you.

    – MENJ”

    Sounds like you are trying to protect yourself incase people end up reporting you to the Malaysian police. I don’t understand though, why you can throw insults at other religions and consider it freedom of speech while at the same time a newspaper gets banned because of one comic.

    Doesn’t sound fair to me.

    You aren’t doing comparative religion lah, you’re doing your own religion, taking quotes from other religions’ holy books – and attacking others. That’s why you do, in a normal human’s point of view.

  5. Menj: Err…you do realize that the freedom of speech works both ways right? You put down what you put down because you believe it to be right…so would we. You do what you think it necessary…and for that matter, I would do what I think would be necessary as well. Also your feeds are all a summary rather than full text. We can’t really get much out from there.

    Mei: It’s just him being defensive. If I were in his position I would probably do the same thing too. Though…I don’t think I have beliefs which are that controversial to start off with.

    Serge: Yes…it’s time to set up…oh wait…I’m not in Malaysia. 😛

    Grace: It’s a point of view thing. We all have our point of views. Sometimes we tend to get blindsided from what’s really going on when we go over the line. Which ironically is also his argument towards some of us sometimes for having a different opinion.

  6. Hmm let’s see.

    Banning an entire country’s worth of IP addresses? Check.
    That country being the same one he calls home? Check.
    Decrying and putting down bloggers from the same country? Check.
    Making remarks about said bloggers and technological intelligence? Check.
    General asshattery? Check.

    So MENJ is the new Tim Yang now?

  7. “So MENJ is the new Tim Yang now?”

    Please don’t compare me with TY. I do this not because I have a xenophobic hatred towards all Malaysians, but because I need to cover my arse from those who are ignorant enough to want to sicc the authorities on me.

    Grace, if you have problems accessing the site, you can email me your IP range. Same goes for anyone else interested.

    – MENJ

  8. General asshattery? Check

    Oh goodness, that got checkes as well XD.

    And yes Kamigoroshi, you aint got a malaysian ip, you lucky bastard you..

  9. Dunno about you or anyone else but even freedom of speech or expression has its limits. *shrugs*

  10. Like what someone else said about free speech, you can carry out your punches, but the limit stops when your fist touches my face.

    Which, in this case, applies.

  11. MENJ used his freedom of speech to cause more pain to a widow, whose wife is much loved in the country (the late first lady, Endon). He is also playing politics under the guise of Islam. He is no different from the many men who has political ambitions in Malaysia, harping on the racial issues. But of course, MENJ said he does not discriminate based on race. That is because he is creating a new form of discrimination – one that is based on religion.

    I think the worst was to pledge non-alligence to the sovereignity of the state. Come on, think about it. If he is not pledging to Msia, who is he pledging to? These are the words that used by many terrorists, both death and alive.

    The Danes were also expressing their freedom of speech but MENJ did not find it amusing. I guess he is just human. – it is only funny when you are playing the trick and not so funny if you are on the receiving end.

    As far as I am concerned, the issue is settled. An apology would have solved the problem far better than blocking the IPs. Then again, an apology symbolizes that he admits to his wrong and that might not be something he wants to do.

    Do a little more traveling, MENJ. Get out of your yard and look beyond your Muslim brothers and sisters. Diversity makes the world beautiful and challenging. And at the end of the day, you will realise that we are all born of mothers and blood flow through our veins.


  12. Xypre, Vincent: I’m guessing he put some IP ranges through which meant that anyone with those ranges can see it anyway.

    Mei, Pat: Well…I don’t think this is even about freedom of speech. It’s about something even more basic than that.

    Otto: Ooops…yeah it should be settled. But I need to wrap a few things up before hand.

  13. Omg, what in the world did I stumble on? This is disturbing, definitely, but I can’t see Menj’s original post that started all this, so …. I’m still clueless. Will be poking around for a bit to find out but … boy this is so unpleasant. 🙁

  14. how come menj’s posts for his old blog (blog.menj.org) is no more..? did he kep t them anywhere.. interested to read all those old stuffs.lol.

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