What This Blog Was For

There are days when nothing else in the world makes sense save for the words of someone you can always count on. Unfortunately, as life will have it, who that may be is always subject to the reliability of the people around you. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be imparted words of wisdom. Other times, we’re lucky to just be spoken to.

For a long time now, the silence of those wisdom has failed to snap me out of my recurring melancholy. I may have buried it to function as a singular individual, but the nagging sense of despair still permeates my actions like a grease smoked kitchen rag.

Yet in this still air, even words spoken to in the past bears with it a forgotten afterthought. Wisdom that once carried meaning to the people they were meant for, is to be brought forward again as a reminder of what it always meant. Who better than your own self to snap you out of your own recluse?

In a world where words still have the power to shape perceptions and realities, sometimes a little purposeful narcissism can make a lot of difference. To at least turn around and look back on what’s been said in the light of what we face now. That’s what this blog was for.

And I came so close to forgetting just that.

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