When Dialup Is Better Than Broadband

I am a technogeek. That goes without saying. There isn’t a tech utility in the world I wouldn’t kill to get and push it to the max by tinkering it resulting in some pretty major overkill. In my life, no system upgrades are left unchecked and no alpha version release candidate is left untouched.

With all that in mind, you’d expect that I would always have the best of the best in equipment. Sadly, that never is the case. The reason why I would literally kill for a pretty nifty tech gadget is the unfortunate fact that I’m not exactly blessed with a silver spoon in my mouth. Almost all the luxuries in my life always end up with me working hard to get it anyway and it isn’t always the top of the line.

But it’s always better than nothing.

And yes this is leading somewhere.

For the past year since I have been here, I have been using the University’s broadband network. It’s fast. It’s really fast. I mean, we’re talking T3 and OC networking here which in layman’s terms that’s like using a dam pipeline to shower at home. Unfortunately…that silver spoon that I don’t have comes into the picture.

Because it’s also really expensive to use it.

I mean, we’re talking about a system that costs me about 11 cents for every MB I upload and download from the net. Which basically means, everytime I open my own blog, I already use up 1.5 cents…not counting all the other blogs I open…and all the other blogs I tweak…and all the other system updates I have…and all the journal articles I download for my reports.

In total it adds up to alot.

We’re not just talking double digits here.

We’re talking in triple.

We’re talking in Australian dollars triple digits.

Yes…I know I’m an addict. You don’t have to tell me twice. Which is why in times of desperation, some things have to be again sacrificed. I can’t live without my only effective means of communication with the outside world, then again I still need money for the daily expenses I have to live by. As important communication is…I still need food to survive.

Hence I have done the unthinkable for a lot of you who know me.

I have given up on broadband in favour of dialup. That’s right. Me…a person who always wants to go faster, be stronger, be better than he could ever be has instead gone back to the humble days where you can actually go make a cup of coffee, take a shower, eat dinner and still come back to a page that’s still loading.

On the other hand, the slowness isn’t that noticable anyway. My page surprisingly loads fast except when I’m loading multiple pages in the background. Since I am not under the university proxy anymore…I can all my other programs without resorting to doing the ugly proxy bypass hacks.

The best thing yet is this, dialup here isn’t like dialup in Malaysia…because the line is stable and I pay for unlimited use per month. I can actually get away with downloading legally procuring original media without too much trouble. We’re talking 700mb’s worth of media in about 2-3 days taking into account the availability of the source…if you know what I mean. Considering the fact that it still takes me that long to do the same thing using Streamyx back home.

Dialup here is actually better than broadband in that sense.

The only drawback is that downloads that are noticably fast back home are piss assed slow in dialup and if I ever want to Skype, I have to make sure no other programs are running at the same time taking all my bandwidth. Aside from that…

It sure beats the hell out of those triple digits a month.

I think I’m going to love dialup right now.

At least until I return to Malaysia.

Oh dear.

7 thoughts on “When Dialup Is Better Than Broadband

  1. Dude…your “daughter” just happens to be your modem. Besides…you can’t be a geek if you don’t have an age old still-working dialup modem lying around. I’ve got 3 unused ones lying around at home. 🙂

  2. edrei …. ……. …. bastard. the only modem i have is a 14.4 pcmcia which my sister’s laptop wont recognize…and i dont have any dial-up accounts …damn for you.

    djc – whoa… mama.

  3. DJC: Dude…you’re a true and true technogeek man. I can’t even beat you on that account. Damn. 🙂

    Dusty: Nyaah. 😛 Just get yourself a new modem man. If I were you, you know I’d kill for it by now.

  4. Streamyx sucks most of the time back here in Malaysia. Thank god i’ve got a built-in 56.6k modem in my notebook as backup or else…………..

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