When Your Parents Read Your Blog.

I guess, one way or another…this topic is inevitable for me. In fact, I think I mentioned this topic before in regards to another situation which I assume a lot of you have already forgotten from your minds a while back. But putting that aside, let be get straight to the point.

My mother found the 100 Things About Me.

And she wants me to remove it.

Thanks to someone’s advice about it though…I figure maybe it is about time I took it down. Not permanently, but in order to come up with a better rewrite. At least something that’s still me and wouldn’t really give my mother a heart attack. Maybe it won’t be a 100 things about me, maybe it’ll be 50 concise things about me or 10. I don’t know.

What I do know is that as big as it is for any of our parents to read our blogs and discover a life that their kids have been living, a part of me, a large part of me sees nothing bad that comes out of this…at least not at my age. It would be really hypocritical about me to blog about blogging responsibilities and the right to freedom of speech and not practice it.

I mean after all…I wrote this…all this. As much as it terrifies my to know that my mother knows about my own life, how would that be different than the rest of you knowing about my own life? Ok…it’s different that they are my parents and whatever they say for the most part has been the word of law, but I shouldn’t be ashamed or embarressed that my parents actually read things about me.

I should be proud.

I should be responsible for what happens.

I know it’s going to be hard and tedious to explain to my parents about whatever I have done in my past or why two sentences about my sexual life is up there enough to shock them. Then again, I do hope that at the end of it all, they don’t define me through the things I have done, but rather…look at me for the person I have become through what has been done.

Yes, I have always lived under the shadow of my parents in fear, then again which of us children haven’t one way or another? No doubt about it, I will always be their son…even when I’m 40, I’ll always be their son. But at the end of it all, I’m still a person who lives in a world and is responsible for his own actions in that world. I’m old enough to be able to make decisions of my own and pay the prices for it as I have been doing for a long time.

I know what I’m getting into.

My parents didn’t teach me to be any other way.

So would this change the way I blog? No. Would this mean I password protect a lot of the things I have written before? No. What this means is, my parents know what I write and I would invite them to read my blog like anyone else who has. This is my blog and my life and I stand by it the way i have always stood by it as who I am in the world I live in. After all…you all know compared to some other more “femes” blogs out there…

My blog is downright prudish and boring.

So Ma…if you happen to be reading this, here is something that over the years I have learnt and followed and even blogged about.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child. Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things.

1 Corinthians 13:11

I hope that you understand that none of this is meant to shock or embarress myself in public. It’s just a record of me. A record of my life and thoughts out there in the world and through it be true to myself as a person that I am.

Through it be true to the friends who have stood by me for who I am.

13 thoughts on “When Your Parents Read Your Blog.

  1. I wonder if I turn back time, say 20 years, I can be as transparent as you? Hmm…something for me to ponder….Can I blog just about everything and let my 4 sons read them? Nay, I don’t think so.

  2. I guess in ways it depends on how much level of trust you place in your children to know you for who you are. The past is the past…it defines us for who we are now. Would it change who you are for people to know what happened and how you dealt with it?

    That…is the question.

  3. I started blogging not long ago and I am blogging so my daughter can read about ‘me’ and ‘me in the past’ one day .. When I blog, I don’t really think about how my daughter will see me in the future, I just want to let go of my thoughts, right or wrong, its OK, because right or wrong, we should always try to change for the better .. she’s going to turn 2 next month .. yeah, only 2, long way to go!

  4. your blog is definitely not boring.must applaud u for being brave to stand by your own beliefs. when i first discovered blogs, i could not understand why pple write the stuff they write, n that was like 3 months back, but now i do. hopefully your mum will come around.

  5. my parents don’t know about my blog, but i think my dad did accidentally stumble across it when he googled for ‘osu sukam’ (some politician i blogged about not long ago).

    he didn’t know that i wrote whatever he was showing me. *phew*

    i guess a part of me does want my parents and my friends to know the existance of my blog, but i’m also afraid of the circumstances.

    ‘oey! siao ah? y so much sex wan ur blog? and y u swear like a crazy chicken wan?’


    and it isn’t just my parents. i hid my blog from my ex too, because he had a problem with my expressing my thoughts for public viewing.

  6. i think my sister knows about my blog. i think she’s told my mother about it. but i don’t think either one of them actually reads anything. it’s more of a “oh, she’s got a blog like everyone else” kinda thing. i have a feeling that maybe i blog because i want them to read whatever i can’t tell them in person. but then, i prob feel that way because i watch too much oprah winfrey and believe people always have a “deeper” meaning for everything they do. hmm.

    i don’t really care if they read my blog. it doesn’t matter. i’m sure they’ve already betrayed my trust and read my diary anyway. so what’s the diff?

  7. Well, I guess if my mother found out about my blog and she starts reading every single content in it.. I wouldn’t freak out because still she’s my mother.

    But I have a personal blog that I lash every single thing out of my soul. I don’t think anyone knows about that blog though. This is life I guess.


  8. I can relate to this.
    My brothers found out my blog then subsequently my dad knew about it. I’m not sure though whether he does take the time to read it.
    In a way, I kinda hope my family understands me more through my blog, in another way, I feel somehow uncomfortable revealing my feelings to them. They are my family who have lived with me for my whole life. They are so near yet so far away.
    I have no problem to reveal my feelings to strangers, bloggers, my friends…. But with the knowledge that my parents might read what I write, I tend to hold back something. I dunno why….
    I’ll still blog my way. But I have a secret hope that my parents don’t read my blog… 😛

  9. Fiona: I think your daughter would love to know what her mother was up to in the past and love you more for it. After all…technology brings us all together isn’t it not. 🙂

    Tsetse-fly: Thanks for the kudos.

    Michelle: Yeah…that can happen. It’s hard to find someone you can love who is open with your own…openness. Some people already are paying that price.

    Jax: Well…you do blog sporadically and a lot of posts are inaccessible except by manually loading each page. Not many parents would go to that trouble too…would they?

    Kyels: If your mom read your blog, she would be proud. Christ girl…you write pretty serious stuff. I would be proud if my daughter had a perceptive noodle like yours.

    Thquah: Find out then. 🙂

    Jessy: Well…it depends on what you blog about to begin with. Almost all parents don’t really see or understand the other side of their child’s life and it can be hard for them to swollow it down. I guess in the end it’s all about being responsible enough to take the heat in case it happens. That way we can be free to blog whatever we want.

  10. Good on you for standing for what you believe in. I hope that I’ll have your strength when the time comes for my cat to be let out of the bag. Not looking forward to it…

  11. Wow. I’m impressed. Althought I told myself it didn’t matter, that I was writing for myself and no one else… ever since I knew that certain friends read my blog, I stop writing in the same way. I can only imagine how drastically my blog will change if I ever find my mom reading my blog. Brrr.. the thought is scary.

  12. haha….I’m ok with my mom knowing about my blog… my sister already knows it, and I put a link to my blog on my desktop! 😛 I know my mom is not the type that ventures around… so I guess she wouldn’t have read it, but I don’t really know.

    But my mom isn’t really my problem. Its my colleagues! I wrote and showed so much about my weaknesses and all… I hope they won’t kick me out! 😛

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