Where The Money Is Going…

Yup…my predictions have come true. At this rate, I won’t just be in some gutter nearby asking money from passerbys because I’m dead broke. At this rate, I’ll probably be doing that sometime next semester.

And that’s not even half of it.

I recently reloaded my internet credit and went to checked my net bill to see how much I have been using for the past few months. This is what I came up with:

Credit/ Debit Balance $26.87 credit

This would seem like any other day in my life except that reloaded $60 worth of net credit…6 days ago. So you can understand why at this point echoing the words “Oh Fuck” is just a mere understatement. If this keeps up I won’t have any way to maintain that desperately cheap living style I already have been living. Hell…I already eat one meal a day…or sometimes none at all. Depending on how far I want to stretch the budget.

I’ve seriously got to stop modding my blog.

For the sake of my studies, my wallet and my future health, I really got to stop spending so much time tweaking and refreshing the page unless I want to lose everything. My lack of knowledge in PHP is seriously taking up a lot of bandwidth in terms of the continuous trial and error which comes everytime I try and put in a new plugin. I just spent 5 hours on bit of code that could have been done in 10 seconds after I realised what it was.

5 hours of save and refresh.

I don’t even want to know how much I spent during that time.

The price of self-acknowledgement doesn’t come cheap.

I think I’m about to find out how much it’s going to cost me.

I don’t think I’m going to like it one bit.

4 thoughts on “Where The Money Is Going…

  1. btw I totally dig your commenting system.. so the rocks! i mean i feel for you with the being broke thing, being a student myself and all BUT I SO LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so coooooolll!!

  2. They don’t charge by time. It costs me 11 cents per MB uploaded and downloaded…which pretty much limits what I can do online despite the fact it’s a T3 network. Thanks for the kudos anyway…I really appreciate it. Glad to see the hardwork paying off in some ways. 🙂

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