Which Malaysian Blogger Are You

Congratulations Edrei, you are…

Malaysian Blogger

Kamigoroshi of Footsteps in the Mirror

You are deep, insightful, melancholic, compassionate and hard. You are often viewed as arrogant and whinny by those that don’t know you but known for your solid anchor of compassion and care to those that you have stood by through their darker times. You are not exactly a party animal or a famous well known blogger, so you often find yourself pushing the limits to prove to people that you are worth their attention and sometimes forget that there are already people already there for you. As hard as you are on the outside, as a blogger you show the most vulnerable parts of you to the world. You are the champion of the underdogs, often being there for people who have been hurt as much as yourself and in no small part helping them to be something more than themselves. Because of that you sometimes take your posts too seriously and are heavily defensive against people who attack your sence of self and worth. You are who you are, defined by the words that you write and the actions that you understand. You are no other Malaysian blogger except for your own self. No one else can tell you otherwise.

Enough said.

So there.

9 thoughts on “Which Malaysian Blogger Are You

  1. Hmm..that looks reeeally interesting. Can I do one for myself too? 😉

    And as for that description, you know yourself too well for anyone to tell you otherwise.

  2. Hahaha…I kinda got frustrated with the idea that there is a quiz for people have to BE other bloggers. Why can’t everyone just be themselves?

  3. Kamigoroshi… thanks for peeping at my new blog at PapaJoneh.com. I like your blog and especially the design. Hoepfully u can come and comment on mine. i appreciate that. for a newbie blogger, im just happy that someone come and visit mine. hoepfully we can be friend. 🙂

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