Who The Fuck Invented Feng Shui?

I thought today would be some ordinary day when I could kick back and relax…but no…as it turns out, I was rudely woken up today because of one thing – Feng Shui.

Who the fuck invented something that makes middle aged women give 50 bucks to their children a month then decide to spend the rest of the money renovating the house? Which fucking idiot invented something that makes women ask their children to move half the living room around because some damn compass is off then asks them to move it back to the original position because it’s “not agreeable” with something.

Suanie, I know you deal with this alot. Can you just explain to me what in the name of God would possess people to do such things all for the sake of luck? I’m a person of science so something like this really escapes me, especially when they say completely mind boggling things like “practicality is irrelevent”.

I woke up today hoping I could relax after a long hard week. I sit here now because I’ve just taken double my dosage of painkillers after doing something that was absolutely pointless to begin with. Somedays you can always look on the bright side of things and work without any complaints. Today is definitely not one of them.

22 thoughts on “Who The Fuck Invented Feng Shui?

  1. lololol today is actually a good day to spring clean your home. i am taking a break from it, just scrubbed the kitchen clean, next is my room.

    feng shui rox!

  2. You try dragging the TV and the cabinet with the radio across the living room, reconnecting it then moving it back because reasons you have no idea why. Back pain liao!!

  3. Don’t know much about the origin of Feng Shui but it sure made lots of people tonnes of money!

  4. Correction. It made ‘ONE’ person tonnes of money and it sure hell made many bankrupt.

  5. I invented Feng Shui of course. There was a guy about 300-400 years prior to me who invented it as well, but then I was the one who corrected the grid system and the axis tilt of the Earth for more accurate calculations. In short, I inteved Feng Shui. It’s not like what Mrs Too says, buying a tortoise placing here, or a dragon placing there.

    It’s far far more complicated than that. More of geomancy + 4/5 dimensional mathematics involved.

    One more thing… Lilian Too’s Feng Shui is superstition, while the original Feng Shui is substition (the complete opposite of superstition, i.e it exists but noone believes in it any way)

  6. Feng Shui is science, or more precise an art to make people feeling good everyday, thus allowing them to perform better in every aspect of their lives.

    If a person is determine to change, a bit of good fung shui might help.

    If a person is lazy, he won’t make a dime even if he got the best feng shui house in the world.

  7. Well…I feel worse when my mother rearranges everything according to what’s supposed to be good. I like to have everything in it’s place and a place for everything.

  8. LOL! It hasn’t gotten to the stage of shifting everything around every year for me because my Dad believes that to all this, you need to sift out the logical explaination behind them. 🙂

  9. I know, at least, a tiny bit about Feng Shui since I am a chinese educated guy.

    Feng Shui is Chinese ancient art and science to live in peace and harmony environment, a vast and complicated system. But, today’s Feng Shui that you see on the TV and papers, is usually superstition.

  10. feng shui. sheesh. i don’t believe in any of it. it’s mostly superstition anyway. funnily enough, my father actually knows how to do the whole feng shui thing with the compass whatchamacallit thingamajig. but he doesn’t care either. and we’re fine. tadaa.

  11. OMG The Wen Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty uses Firefox 1.0.3!! UPGRADE MAHHH!!!

    FS used to be known as nothing… means last time no name lah… then as ‘kanyu’… then separated into sort of two branches, luan tou and li qi. no such thing as compass school, no such thing as form school.. both systems use compass and forms, just priorities different a bit, but they complement each other.

    it’s not science. erm… firstly because it’s really not 😉 and also sometimes you do 1+1=3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc. Depends on how good or how noob the person is, and somewhat depends on your destiny also lah.

    come come, joey yap will provide 😀

  12. Suanie, go easy on him laa. For someone from the Zhou Dynasty, damn advance to be using Firefox at all laa. Cut him some slack laa.

    Hahaha…let the master teach those that want to know. 🙂

  13. last year, there was this case where a Feng Shui master and his family died when their home got on fire…

    …its stupid isn’t it? i too don’t agree with the whole concept of Feng Shui. then again, Lilian Too is making more money now with her Feng Shui TV Show.

    maybe she read from her Feng Shui manual that her TV rankings will sky-rocketed if her daughter were to be co-host in her TV show. well, i dunno but it doesn’t seem to draw my attention.

  14. Look up the definition of FS in Wiki.

    I think it was a Chinese emperor who invented it.

    At least you don’t have your mom giving you all sorts of funny scupltures for luck.

  15. Suannie,

    Doesn’t Science stand for the study of nature and its behaviour?

    I’m not sure about your definition of Science, but I will rather call it MODERN Science if it’s based more on principles derived from experiment, observation, facts, etc.

  16. At its core, Feng Shui is a study of the manipulation of qi (life force). Two people using one method may not necessarily obtain the same result due to some factors such as destiny (fate just doesn’t want you to know the *real* result, or maybe it’s not the time yet. for agnostics this is hard to swallow, but when you study feng shui, you acknowledge that it’s just one of the three factors affecting our lives, and one of the three is destiny), education/experience and external environment (two houses, same facing direction, same period, same house chart will not produce the same type of events, or the same type of QUALITY of events due to different external environments — mountains, water etc).

    I suppose you can call it modern science if you want, but I’d stick to art due to the fact that not everyone is meant to learn or excel in feng shui, even after years of study. It is not akin to science where you mix x and y to create z.

  17. I know, at least, a tiny bit about Feng Shui since I am a chinese educated guy.

    piang eh, where is the correlation? i don’t think you have to be chinese educated to know a bit about fengshui.

  18. Wow..its really good sharing.. I hope u can elaborate more topic in sidebar topic, it would be nice.


  19. Feng shui does not exist or function in the way almost all feng shui believers think. FS is a way, for a truly knowledgeable person, to see the “resulting” karma of a place or person. It is not the “cause” of your fortune or misfortune. If you believe by tempering with FS you can change your life, you are putting the cart before the horse, which is really stupid. Karma is simple: you reap what you plant. If you want to change your life (have a different plant), you start by planting a different seed. You do not try to take a resulting melon, for example, and try to turn it into wheat, thinking that it will change the fact that you actually planted melon in the first place. This kind of stupid thinking is exactly what almost all FS believers think they can do. The fact is, the moment they do it, something else changes, and their karma at best stays the same; in most cases, it becomes worse due to the negative effect of the stupid FS action.

    FS believers are some of the most selfish, self-centered, and rude people you’ll ever meet. Why? Because FS is all they care about; they don’t care about other people. If they think FS must be a certain way, they’ll do it even if it annoys the hell out of other people. For example, a FS person would hang a noisy wind chime outside their home thinking it is necessary to bring good luck. They won’t care that the damn thing is a complete noisy nuisance to their neighbors. Unfortuantely, this type of idiotic behavior is all too prevalent among FS believers.

    By the way, most so-called FS masters have no idea what they’re talking about. They’re simply deluding themselves into thinking they can explain everything with FS. They also tend to be arrogant and self-righteous.

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