Whoops Feed Oopsie

To anyone or any site subscribed to my feed at this moment, I’d like to humbly apologise for the sudden influx of photos on Flickr. A sudden influx of A LOT of photos on Flickr.

I realised it too late as I was mucking about with the Feedburner settings and I can’t resist tweaking and integrating things together into a cohesive whole. Unfortunately, that cohesive whole isn’t exactly what some of you signed up for, so I had to quickly separate my Flickr and Blog feeds again.

Unfortunately, you did get this whole mess of newly uploaded photos. So sorry for that. Next time, I’ll be sticking my Flickr feed to it’s own place and my blog feeds to where it should be and everything will be back to its normal operating parameters. Once again, sorry about photos.

2 thoughts on “Whoops Feed Oopsie

  1. Yeah, I was wondering if you’d turn this place into a photoblog. Very surprising, considering I’ve always thought of you as a writer. 😉

  2. Once I got my hands on a decent camera of my own, I’ve always documented stuff with photography. I just never found a need to rely on it so much on my blog, that’s why it’s always been on Flickr. I thought I’d merge them both, but frankly I didn’t know what to expect when I merged the feeds together.

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