Why Did God Listen To Me Now?

Why does life do the things I complain about but never ask for it to happen in the first place. It’s just so uncanny…it’s not funny anymore. In fact it’s downright creepy. Things happen when I need it to happen whether or not I want it or like it.

The net has been down for more than 24 hours and it’s only affecting the area where I’m staying. ONLY the area where I’m staying. Not other places. Just where I’m staying. It happened right after I posted that last post.

If that isn’t creepy…I don’t know what is.

The ironic thing is…I’ve seen enough miracles for me to become one God-bound person. But I’m not. In fact…I’m just the same ol science geek I have ever been even with all these things happening to me. Always at the right time. Always at the right place. Always at the right moment.

I just wish things would happen because I want it to happen.

I guess life has it’s own plans as well.

None of it is going to stop me from blogging though.

That’s a fact not even God can stop me from doing.

4 thoughts on “Why Did God Listen To Me Now?

  1. wah lau.


    None of it is going to stop me from blogging though.

    For that, i’ve got to salute you. WHoooh!

  2. Ikoko: God listens and talks differently from all of us. It’s just that alot of times I don’t get very human answers to the human life I live.

  3. it seems god has stopped u from blogging these few days…. hehehhe…

    mish ya! ta!

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