Why God Gave Men Brains

Sometimes it’s nice to know how high a dress slit can be when the wind blows really hard.

Sometimes it’s tough to know that even though she’s always the guy around you, there is still no denying she’s a girl.

Sometimes you’d have to agree that God gave us brains is so that we won’t hump women’s legs at parties.

Sometimes you want to stop being the nice guy and take things the way you want it.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that a person can give you a choice to do something you really want to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to realise that some things may have come too far too late.

Sometimes its hard to realise you can never let go of the past.

Sometimes it’s better to just bite your lip and smile the pain through.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that one kiss can change the way you look at a person.

Sometimes all you have to do is stop being afraid and and start taking one step foward to life you always wanted to have.

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