Why I Don’t Feel A Thing.

When World Trade Centers fell in New York. I can remember the exact thing I was thinking as the last building collapsed into oblivion. Now when I heard about the London bombings ripping through the streets and subways, I am reminded of the same thought with the same trace of apathy.

War never changes.

Yes a lot of people have given their condolences and showed the world their sympathy towards those who dies and lost a family or a loved one in the recent london bombings. Yet, why is it a considerable amount of people I talk to greet me with the same sense of apathy towards the entire situation? As far as I know it’s due to one thing and one thing only.

This stupidity going to keep happening.

There is no absolute reason why I should keep showing my sympathy when this sort of thing is slowly becoming a norm for people around the world. Hell…I was apathic before when the World Trade Center fell. No offence to my American and English friends, but as much as I winced when those towers went coming down or when I saw the devestation on the streets of London, half my brain was going:

Same tactic different place

It’s surreal yeah for this to happen in your own backyard, but you got to understand that other people in the countries that are acting most “stupidly” have been experiencing this for years and even decades to begin with. I’m sure people in London have felt that familar sense of deja vu with all those bombings happening during the 80’s by the IRA. As much as this outrages them, would it be too far fetched to say a certain number of them are muttering in their heads.

Here we go again.

Would it?

And maybe it isn’t enough anymore for people to start asking why this happens because all we’re going to end up with a bunch of speculations regarding oil, religion or maybe how someone’s uncle bought a lame goat from a neighbour.

The truth about all this is that the war has already taken a life of its own.

There is enough bloodlust, desperation and…well…mostly hatred to keep this flame of war burning for years more to come. As violence begets violence, so too does the hatred for each side grow ever consumingly. You hit us hard and so we pound you into the ground. You took away my girlfriend so I’ll take away your entire family.

So forget the sympathy. Forget the reasons. Forget all the why’s and how’s. There is only one way for all this to end…and it’s not by the pen over a peice of paper.

It going to end is when one or both sides are completely wiped out.

And hatred will keep feeding this war until everyone is dead.

5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Feel A Thing.

  1. I really don’t understand why ppl can do such a horrible act. To killed an innocent just because he/she is in that particular place at the time…#sigh#.

  2. It’s because we’re human beings. It’s not uncommon for us to literally live for the kill and to carry it out. Trying to be civillized doesn’t change the fact that we can be animals without rhyme or reason when we’re pushed to the absolute limit with hatred and desperation.

    This event is a good example of that.

  3. i dont feel anything too…. but id feel very sad if u plan to wipe out everyone on earth… =P…

  4. after 911, it’s just a matter of when, NOT IF, London gets it. yes, it’s governed by the law of Action&Reaction — in phyiscal force&motion, Newton’s Law says for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction..
    many people are too tired of it all, henc we don’t feel anything anymore. Malaysian politics is headed iun that dircetion too.

  5. It is a very sad world we currently live in, and sadly it will not change. Wars have been raging for 1000’s of years and for so many different reasons, from race to religeon to power and many many more. You just need to enjoy your life whilst you can and do what you can for those you love.

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