Why I Love This Country

Here is one of the reasons why I would so love to only go back to Malaysia to visit…and…well to visit and just rather live here instead.

Woman driver parallel parked.

Woman driver scratched car in front of her badly.

Woman driver parked car in same spot normally after that.

Woman driver wrote note to driver whos car she scratched.

Woman driver became woman shopper.

Honestly, in all my years living in KL, I have never seen something like that happen no more than 3 feet in front of me and half the time she was smiling at me and cursing under breath (assumingly because she scratched the other car). Most of the time, I see Malaysians just speed off after scratching a car or not bothering to leave your contact number so that you can call in case you need money to repair.

Talk about finding goodwill and faith in places where you don’t expect.

Can anyone be proud of doing the same thing in Malaysia?

11 thoughts on “Why I Love This Country

  1. Dear Friend:

    While you were away, I took the freedom of scratching your car.
    In the future, kindly ensure that you stay away from female drivers.
    Here’s the Phone Number of a good repair shop.

    Goodwill Lady

  2. Dear Inconsiderate Driver,

    If you hadn’t been selfish enough to park your f**king car the way you did, I wouldn’t have scratched it while I was trying to squeeze my way out of this parking space.

    Just thought you’d know.

    Have a nice day! *smiles*

    Another slightly pissed off driver

  3. That’s pretty much what you’d get when being here in Melbourne too. Though highly unlikely the Asians would do it. Sigh, it’s just the different culture and upbringing I suppose. It’s the same question that was posted in a forum I read.

    If you were driving and you killed a motorcyclist though it was a green light on your way, what would you do?

  4. Renegade, Sweetie: Hehe…though I doubt that’s what she wrote.

    Kenneth: I have no doubt they exist. Just that I see a higher amount of those people here in Australia than I do in the 21 years of my life that I have lived in KL. And I’ve only been here for almost one year.\

    Danny: If I DUI-ed I know I’m pretty much screwed. You know how tough Australians treat DUI offences too. But yeah, it’s ironic though…I though asian culture was supposed to have more moral values than western culture as what a lot of our own culture has been advocating. Who’d have thought that western culture would have more civility and responsibility than what I can find back home. I could get used to this…a lot.

  5. I would write a note too coz i will feel real bad if i don’t and if is my fault. BUT, there was once a car double parked me in front and pull the handbreak. I waited hours, cars beside left and i manage to drive out. I PURPOSELY scratched tat damn car and left an angry note. But i felt bad after that and even till now.

  6. Sorceress: Ooh…wouldn’t want to get on your bad books. Then again…you’re a rare individual to do such a thing in Malaysia to begin with. That’s something special. 🙂

  7. Err..that was what I actually wrote once to a driver for parking inconsiderately, though I didn’t scratch his/her car.

  8. OMG….. i once wrote a big STUPID in red on a paper and leave in on this gen-2 that was parked in the middle of the road!!! like totally blocked our way so we had to make a round to reach the exit!!

    but if i scratch a car.. yeah… leaving an apology note is normally what i would do..

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