Why I Still Blog

Walking down the pages of memory lane, it’s hard to believe that one can be captivated by the life that they themselves put down. While some part of you still remembers the fragment of emotions that goes with it, another part of you can scarcely believe that you were the person who captured those frozen moments.

Then again, that’s the magic of blogs and blogging. If you were to forget all the reasons that we invented to turn it into a commercialised source of income. If we were to forget all the soap opera like drama. If we were to forget all the arguments, all the bickering, all the pressure that blogs these days seem to stress open.

We would remember that magic.

The one that calms us down when we’re angry. The one that comforts us in the fear of the dark. The one that would listen to us when we’re broken. The one that cheers for us when we’re happy. The one that opens us up to new friends. The one that gives us some measure of opportunity and hope.

If you started blogging because you had something to say deep inside, you know what I am talking about. Because that’s all what blogging really is about, just you, your words and what you have to say.

Here in the fabric of the digital world. We’re not journalists or politicians or mothers or fathers or soldiers or civilians or blue collar or white collar. Here in the digital world, there are no titles to distinguish catagories or rank. Here in the digital world, we are just individuals with thoughts, feelings and opinions, each one ever so different from the another, each one ever so similar to the another. Here in the digital world, you are somebody and you are nobody.

That is the magic of blogging. A string that connects every one of us together and shows us that in our uniqueness, we are not alone. That there is someone one out there willing to listen to what we have to say, when we say it. That which entices us to return day after day to share and be shared, the stories and moments that make us who we are.

That which is the reason why I still blog after almost 6 years and would probably keep doing for as long as I have something to say.

3 thoughts on “Why I Still Blog

  1. Agreed. I started blogging as a way to record my thoughts, and in that journey it’s become a symbol of putting words down that I could not say in real life, not without overruning emotions that might destroy relationships and friendships I’d rather not lose.

    With my blog at least, my words are reduced to simply that; words. Looking back evokes the memories of the emotions that ran high, but when I put my emotions to my words, they force me to think back and ask myself if the reaction was truly justified and whether I had acted in my right conscience.

    Blogs are also fantastic for self-reflections. 😛

  2. I can relate to what you wrote in this entry. Somehow somewhere along this journey, making money through blogging became a distraction and an attraction. The magic that we found in blogging and reading each other’s blog in the initial years is such a distant memory now.

  3. Naoko: At the very least, they are a testament to all you have done and accomplished, a milestone mark to the person you were then and the person you are now. In that introspection, there is much that we can tell about it.

    Peter: Never a distant memory, especially to those of us who kept doing it for the same reasons we started. At the end of the day, while there are far and few blogs in between that understand the concept, those of us who stuck on and “got it” kept growing with it. We change and thus, our words change with us.

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