Why I Won’t Get Out Of Bed Right Now

You know you had a good party the night before when you wake up at half past three in the afternoon and realise you’re not covered in any bodily fluids you threw up before that. Not that I could have reached a point where I can throw up from what I drank, my body is just built that way to take that kind of alcoholic punishment. Bully for me.

In any case, I just thought up another list as I’m writing this. Which is a good thing because I just woke up, so it’s only natural that my mind is a complete blank right about now…though it might cause my thoughts to come up as one jumbled mess. Then again that’s no different from what I usually write.

Edrei’s List Of How To Know You Had Fun Last Night:

  1. You wake up naked next to your friend of an opposite sex and giggle together rather that looking at them in horror.
  2. You do not smell like an outhouse that hasn’t been cleaned in a decade.
  3. When you wake up, you realise your shirt is wet because of sweat…not vomit.
  4. You remember everything that happened the night before even if you lost count of how many whisky and vodka shots you had.
  5. Your pocket contains a phone number or 4 from girls saying “You’re cute, call me”.
  6. You realised you only took one dose of painkillers all night long.
  7. You actually didn’t regret kissing members of the same sex many times or performing a strip show on a dare the night before.
  8. You feel like setting up a small amount of money to buy alcohol for any party you’ll be going much more frequently to.
  9. You have more than one lipstick smears on your collar.
  10. You wake up at 3 in the afternoon and have many reasons to write a list like this.

Well…I could have thought of better reasons, but as I said, I’m still a little groggy. I’m tired and pretty much partied out. In any case, I know I should be getting out of bed right now seeing that it’s 5 in the evening but I still feel like taking a nap…which shows the extent of me being tired. So I shall do the right thing. I shall stay in bed until I break fast while reading many many stuff that I need to do. Then no one can say I’m a lazy pig dispite not having brushed my teeth yet. Ain’t parties great?

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