Why I’m Not Using My Brain Here…

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live with two girls as the only housemates.

To anyone who’s old enough to have the experience of watching “Three’s Company”. I can’t tell you whether it’s any fun or not. In fact, I don’t think I can say anything about anything considering I don’t think anything about it. It just feels like I’m staying with any normal person to begin with. Well…maybe with the slight difference of not being able to scratch my morning wake up wall in front of them.

Then again.

No…I still don’t think it’s a wise idea to do that anyway.

Oh well…27 epidodes down and 24 more to go.

Some more bottles of vodka and 2 leftover pizzas in the fridge.

2 girls, a guy.

And an empty house during the winter break.

If this were a reality show, I wonder what people would vote to what happens next?

Sometimes I wonder indeed.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Using My Brain Here…

  1. Honey: Awww…I’m back already. Don’t worry.

    Kris: You KNOW I hate Big Brother. Not going to do like one of them did in BB Uncut. I’m not that kinda guy. >P

  2. O.o seeing how most women when confined to the same house start to get on the same menstrual cycle I’d say it would suck for any guy. Twice the PMS. Granted I came from a family of 3 and 3 so it was even. lol
    I use to watch the show. There was always that wonder why it was the blond that always moved out of the apartment. I’ve never been into the reality shows that weigh down the TV line-up. Why WHY do people want to watch a set up scenario of people living together? Don’t people get enough of there own life being average that they have to watch other people do it for fun? Now I can understand playing GOD with little SIM people and making them do all sorts of silly things. I guess the producers of the shows are doing the same thing.

  3. Meihwa: Mankind has always dreamed of playing God. Look at me…it’s what I do in the firat place. I’m sort of used to women experiencing PMS at the same time. I mean, when you have around a lot of women to begin with, one way or another you’re going to get 4 to 5 that you’re close to in the same mood. Always pretty difficult to deal with, but never impossible. Just…be patient I guess. Always be patient and take all the crap they throw at you.

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