Why Religion Scares Me

Do you really want to know why religion scares me? Well, here is one of the answers.

Scary shit

The idea that you’re going to take facts and twist them up behind layer upon layer of walls you claim is faith. That’s not faith. That’s just people who believe in nothing else but their world built on the sole belief that their God will bring them eternal happiness after their mortal flesh have long since returned to the earth.

That’s why it scares me sometimes when you talk to me about God the way you do. Not that I dislike you for that, it’s just that I don’t know what to say. You’re a “born again”, it gave you a new leave in life and the strength to do the things you have been doing and that is not a bad thing. But like you said, it’s when people take it far enough that they become the ones pushing the people away not because of what they believe in…but in how they choose to believe.

If people are going to see nothing else than their own moral superiority because “God said so”, than I fear for the sake of what comes after that. A world where your life is dictated by the moral obligations of a parent architype that waves the finger at you from the past that says “Do it or I’ll fucking spank you”. A world where you’re bound to dogmatic laws without question without a blink of an eye because to do otherwise would instill that fear of the unknown. A world where we can only stand and not use what we have most precious to us, our freedom to reach out, to analyse and to create.

Religion is a private thing. Religion is something that sees you through your darkness. We all have the freedom to follow whatever we want. But don’t stand in our way with your lies or your moral policing. It’s just going to be a headache for everybody.

Update: This is also another reason why religion scares me and this is far worse than the picture.

7 thoughts on “Why Religion Scares Me

  1. Reason why I am an atheist. I just find religion very…. in a way hypocritical, in other ways impractical, and other ways just plain nonsensical.

  2. “Do it or I’ll fucking spank you.” … now doesn’t that just remind you of a certain dictator from Iraq who was recently toppled from power and is now facing the music?

  3. Nakedwriter: Well, you don’t have to be an athiest to see the impracticality of fundementalists. You just have to be very sane and very human to grasp the sheer catatonic insanity that goes with things like that. 🙂

    Loong: Actually…no. That still reminds me of the parent architype that until today has some of the best selling books in the world.

  4. Now this is rather interesting. I am sure you have come across all weird kinds of people professing their faiths in whatever their religions would be to you, and desperately dragging you along their paths.
    The way I see it, those true followers of certain religions, they have been touched deeply, and their lives are changed. You may not be able to see it, but once you have experienced it, you will believe it.
    You do not have to be scared by them. you can choose to believe what you want. but most religion teach us to believe in good, and often requires us to go good. That is something truly worth embracing, and not being scared of.
    Look in the good in whatever religion you are looking at. You may just find something rather beautiful and the power in it.

  5. Robin: Well, what I touched in the post isn’t about what people believe in. It’s about how they choose to believe in it. Yes, religion per say requires us to do the good deeds in life. What if you could do them without the belief of the rules? Wouldn’t that work as well? If you speak of being touched by something wonderful as well, then by all means there are so many things in this world that can we can be touched by without the hint of religion. It depends on how you see it. It depends on how you choose to interpret the small miracles in life. For that…I fear those that choose to be blind towards what they believe. Those commonly found in religion.

  6. hey there again,
    ahaha sorry for flooding, but hey, guess i love good discussions.

    I do not believe that people choose to believe the things inside their religion in the blind sense as you described. Blind would be, no reasons, or no directions of their beliefs whatsoever. They have reasons, and the reasons are for the greater good of all. This is gererally speaking anyway.

    yes we can do good with or without the religion as our guide, yes we can be touched in so many ways, i agree with you on those two statements.
    But look at it this way. If religion inspires human to do good, and religion can touch the lives of many, then I believe that it is something worth taking up.

    There are many ways people can choose to live their lives. But basic foundations of religion often drive the believers to walk in faith, love and hope, not only to God, but amongst each other as well.

    how the people choose to believe in those foundations, does it really matter? if they can live their lives without failure in showing faith, love and hope to others around them, this would be a much better world.

    Of course, we are humans, we do mistakes. Nothing can be perfect.
    but if religion can drive us to do more good, it is worth believing in it.

    Ultimately, people who walk in the beliefs of their religions are not blind because they know they will benefit from it by being better people for they have a sense of purpose.

  7. Ahh, now you see I can’t argue with you on that because that’s something I agree with completely. When you say that religion gives us a sense of purpose now thats something I hever disputed. That’s why religion was there in the first place. The shining light in the darkness. The simplest answer to what we have been asking ourselves since the dawn of time. “Why are we here?”

    Religion does give us that answer. It gives us a sense of purpose. It gives us a guide and a direction to a better place.

    The blindness I speak of is when we as human beings which we all agree make mistakes tend to fill in the gaps in religion that have loopholes. Speading the word of Christ tends to invoke feverish evangelistic behavior in some. So does defending Islam tends to give some the idea that they have to launch a pre-emptive strike on an imaginary enemy. This is what I mean by blind belief. When we lose all sense of the real world and rely solely on our interpretation of highly subjective parts of the holy texts. We become the fundamentalists. The extreme end of belief.

    That is a blindness that happens when not all things in this life can be explained with the mere “Because God made it so”. Human beings will always reach out and fear the unknown. It doesn’t matter if it is new things or even your neightbour. It is what we do when we hit that unknown. That defines us what we are. I have met people who take religion into moderation and they are nice people. People able to think. But I have also met far too many fundamentalists in my life not to be scared of what the world may become if they tip the balance on that blind belief. Far too many.

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