Women’s Day Man’s Thoughts

Me: Today is international women’s day.
Mel: Hey…it’s your day!!

Yes, today is International Women’s Day and for the most part I draw a very fine line in writing a post dedicated to Women’s Day simply because the first thing any sceptical woman would tell herself is that I’m trying to curry favour from women because I want to get into their pants. That’s not a hard assumption to make considering that any heterosexual guy would always make that an ulterior (or to some, an obvious one) motive no matter what they say or do.

Now before any woman gets out onto the loop of the matter, give me a moment to say a few things.

I’m all for equality between gender. I’m also all for role reversals in society and especially in relationships. Those of you who know of my relationship with Mel would know this is true with me. So because of this equality of gender. It makes me wonder why women actually need a day which they can very well have for themselves at any time.

I understand that women are our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, companion and best friends. They also out up with a lot of crap thrown around at them from abuse, harassment, lack of civil rights and the toilet seat being up. Yet, they have been with us all this while and I suspect they will be with us for as long as we’re going to be around. Women have risen to the top and achieved a shit load of things, but most importantly, they do great things with small deeds.

Women don’t really need a day dedicated to them. We already know they can fight for what they believe in. They need to know that they can fight for what the believe in. They need sincere people to honestly appreciate what they do as a person, just as anyone does. I’m not going to honour women I don’t know. That’s just senseless. I don’t even tip my hat to famous men I don’t know, so what makes you think I’m going to do the same for women? I’m all for being equal remember? Unless you want to have International Men’s Day. Which is a celebration for what? Centuries of not knowing what women actually want until they stood up and got a day for it? Yeah, that’s real good.

Yet in all this, I’m still a guy and as such, I have been surrounded with women all my life who have been family, friends and dear loved ones. I can tell you that my respect and adoration for women comes not from what they do, but who they are as a person. My appreciation is directed towards the sincerity and dedication the women in my life have towards their convictions regardless of whether I agree with them or not. And that puts women as an equal. It put them as my equal, which at this day and age, shouldn’t be something that still is an issue.

So really, I don’t find women’s day a big deal. I don’t find a reason to pick a day to cherish a moment which highlights a single gender simply because there shouldn’t be a need to. You’re just reinforcing the ideal that they are women and they should be treated differently. Come on, we’re human beings, not two separate species. That doesn’t really work. You cherish and stand up for the people in your life that mean something to you because you want to. You don’t need a day for it. You got 365 days of the year. A little each day does go a long way you know.

That being said, I still have no idea what to cook for dinner before Mel comes home. After all, a man’s house is his castle. At least until his queen comes home.

11 thoughts on “Women’s Day Man’s Thoughts

  1. Azmeen: Riight. I’m suuure. 🙂

    Bryan: Uh yeah. You should come to Marde Gras in Sydney which has just passed. It’s hallmark to celebrating GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered) people. Great atmosphere too. I keep missing it though. Always busy that weekend and every backpackers is booked by the end of it.

    ChickyBabe: Actually, come to think about it. No. It doesn’t receive that much commercial publicity.

    Lucifer: Huh?

  2. Hahah nice one. 🙂 hope you guys are doing good.

    Please bring Mel back for holidays if you can, its been too long since I last saw her!

  3. Jase: Haha, I didn’t know you read my blog. 🙂 We’re doing good and yeah Mel’s coming back soon, so don’t you fret. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: Odd, I haven’t gotten any chain emails like that. Oh wait, I forgot maybe cause I’m a guy. 😛

  4. Why does it take one day to be special. Why not other days as well? Like I said, we do have 365 days in the year. Why not everyday? That’s at least how I treat all the women in my life.

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