Words of Wisdom

“There is no greater discipline, no greater will, no greater conviction, than mankind’s pride and vanity to themselves”

By that I also mean I’ve started jogging and boy does it really hurt my knees. But it’s either that or be stuck between looking like a sack of sweet potatoes and the kind of guy that Mel would actually perve at. That of course is a no brainer decision.

11 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Pelf: She perves at anyone who fits her liking. Especially beefy firemen in uniforms. I don’t really fit that description. 🙂

    Ivette: How is vanity sweet?

  2. Ah Vanity.. my favorite sin.

    Eh well, I’m trying to get in shape too. I spent half an hour “dancing” around my house. My sisters now call my dancing, and I qoute, “The act of jiggling one’s flab whilst trying to look sexy but failing. Even the cats thought it was an earthquake in the making”.

    Good luck 😉

  3. Sharina: That’s from “The Devil’s Advocate” 🙂

    Chibster: You need endurance exercises to burn away fat, not resistance training. Besides, I’ve got a nice neighbourhood, why travel all the way to uni when you can do it around your place?

  4. oh dear, this did not spark from my comment did it?

    and good job! join the “jogging in pain” club 😀

  5. Biking is so much better for your knees, and it can be used as transportation. Spin in a nice easy gear for half an hour to an hour.

  6. ChickyBabe: And pride. And Vanity. 🙂

    PixelHead: It is too isn’t it? I’ve never gotten a bike here because I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here. It would have seemed too much a hassle to get it in the first place and then have to sell it off again in such a short time.

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