You Can’t Get Any Thinner Than This

I went for a medical checkup 2 days ago for my visa extension application and found one a few things about myself that even I didn’t even know.

Edrei’s Medical Checkup Aftermath:

  1. I have so much earwax in my ear that despite cleaning it up with earbuds, I still need one of those earwax desolving thingies.
  2. I have no testicular problems (but even I could tell you that, the doc had to be sure anyway).
  3. I am actually 5kg overweight…which isn’t any surprise seeing what I ate for both Christmas and Chinese New Year.
  4. My blood pressure actually went down from when I last checked it. I’m about 120/70 if you could actually understand that sort of thing.
  5. My chest actually looks good only from one angle which happens to be this:

    Who said I looked fat? It's all bones!!

Well, I guess, the verdict just happens to be one thing. I definitely need more exercise. Which…I’d probably get on with as soon as I move a more permanent place to stay and start cycling all the way back and forth between home and university. Oh well, I guess I can put up with my tummy for a few more weeks though. I’ll just have to make sure I’d cut it down to size later on. Wouldn’t want Mel to start ogling at other guys now won’t we?

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Get Any Thinner Than This

  1. i don’t really believe in exercising to lose weight thingy.
    my dad has a big tummy and it still never reduces although he’d exercised every single day! but if it works, let me know.

  2. Chengsim: It depends on what and where you’re exercising. In the case of gut, it would be both to burn the fat and to strengthen the muscles. I never did like strengthening the muscles…but burning the fat I can. We’ll see. We’ll see.

  3. I’m overdue for my next medical check up… hadn’t had one in 2 years… with the amount of food that I’ve consumed over Christmas, CNY AND Valentine’s Day… I shudder to think what my vital stats would be like…

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