You Have Got To Be Joking

Given that I’m feeling a little under the weather, I don’t think shock therapy is the best course of action given what I’ve been through this week. Though there is one question I begs to be asked.

This is a joke right?

No really. I’m flattered and and all that, but there are plenty of people out there more deserving than a guy who lives his own life the way he sees it. It is in selfless altruism that humanity shines its greatest deeds, one I do not wear let alone with pride.

But the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless and I thank you for it. Deeply.

7 thoughts on “You Have Got To Be Joking

  1. I agree with her sentiments. Wear it with pride. It’s an honour to be held in such high esteem by a friend 🙂

  2. Ed, with people playing multiple roles and technology giving us the option of multitasking, you are doing a good deed for yourself and also for others, simply by focusing on what you do best. 😀 That’s what so special about you.

  3. Your comment reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. David had gone to the king to tell him he’d fight Goliath after the king offered up half his kingdom and his hottest daughter. He didn’t do it to be altruistic. I mean, sure he’d be saving his people from torment and all, but… seriously, have you ever seen a hot Israeli girl? No wonder these people have won just about every war they’ve ever fought. Anyway, so he went off to fight for something selfish and it turns out his act helped many, more than the rewards he got for it. (And he got a LOT of reward for it.) Even if you do something because you want something in return doesn’t change the fact that what you choose to do may end up being of greater benefit to others than to yourself.

    So yeah, you deserve the accolades. And your humility backfires by making it even more justified.

  4. Tine: Oh I’m flattered alright. Why shouldn’t I? I’ll probably go along for the ride anyway. Even if it is an eventual ego crusher.

    Yvonne: Maybe. Probably. Definitely. I just thought that it’s better to accomplish things before gunning for glory. 🙂

    Gnorb: I probably won’t or can’t see it that way. If there are any accidental altruisms, I probably discount it as a consequence of my actions rather than something worth being proud off. But thanks for the mention of it being deserving. Maybe I probably am.

  5. You’ve always been one of the few fellas who is always willing to help someone out…take me for instance! you hardly even know me, but you and I both know how many countless times I have asked you for WP help… I still remember it was you who taught me how to set up my own WP blog some 3 years ago! The praises and recognition is certainly justified… I know I don’t know you THAT well… but I do know that you deserve it… hopefully this recognition will give you some boost in your own personal life… cheers

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