You’d Think I Wouldn’t Forget

“I’m looking forward to your proposal presentation tomorrow.”

“Oh crap.”

In work, there is such a thing as being too engrossed doing one thing that you completely forgot the small things that don’t matter. Small things that do tend to bite you back in the butt when you’re woefully underprepared.

So as I hold in my hand the speech and slides that I only just concocted 7 hours prior, I can’t help but feel the sudden dread of forgetting even the details I would need to ad-lib my way out of it. Never have I needed my ability spew out eloquent words so badly. One can hope that the things you need always come to you when you need them.

Failing that, there is always pulling the fire alarm to buy you some more time.

5 thoughts on “You’d Think I Wouldn’t Forget

  1. Sabrina: Anxiety attacks make you forget all the things you need to remember in the first place. 🙂

    Kris: Gah…not fine. I’ll tell you if I see you.

    Cléa: Maybe I should have. Then again, public speaking and writing behind a screen are completely two different things entirely. Sometimes eloquency escapes me that way.

  2. Ahahaha. =\ So how did it go?
    I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you expected.

    But i know what you mean about public speaking being oh-so-different from writing/ blogging.

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