You’ll Only Post This Once In Your Lifetime

As it is, this post is written and posted on the 7th of July 2007 at precisely 0707 hours.

Let future generations know that this is the time where nothing exciting happened. This is a time where people with nothing better to do would sit down here and write posts that correspond to a date and time that will never happen again for as long as we shall live. This is the time when I blogged about 070707:07:07:07, then got up and went back to sleep.

Until the 8th of August 2007 at precisely 0808 hours. This has been a complete waste of time to write and read. I certainly hope you come back for more.

2 thoughts on “You’ll Only Post This Once In Your Lifetime

  1. Yeah, I broke my own self-prescribed ban from blogging just to get in the requisite post on the magic 07/07/07.

    Didn’t go to the extent of doing it at 7 in the morning… That hour would’ve been too hardcore for me.

    Now, thanks to my overwhelming desire to memorialise this date, I now owe a friend a frappe from San Francisco Coffee. (Punishment for posting this week.)

  2. There are always ways of doing just that. Besides, you could always pretend you never posted. Maybe your friend wouldn’t notice at all. 🙂

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