As I Had Expected

Well, no surprise Ed went online and checked on his blog =) And expected i had a phone call from him today (I was in the toilet by the way, Ed, you and I have such perfect timing ;)) asking me to resize my pictures and things like that. I don’t blame him, he tried to teach me HTML and well I’ve picked up bits and pieces here and there, but beyond the basics, I’m hopeless at it. He’s not supposed to be blogging, but he checked up on it, so that pretty much says it all about his blogging addiction, huh?

Easter break has been a blast thus far, went to Freo for a movie and fish and chips and gelato (That shop made so much money from us girls that its not even funny) and doing some girly talk. One of the things that came up today were the traits in the guys that we would look for. She told me that she sees me with a guy that can protect me, at the same time be honest and let me burst out from time to time.

That really got me thinking, what do i really look for in a guy? And what do guys look for in girls?

A good friend of mine told me she thinks she’s too manly, with her passions being computers, cars and pretty much guy stuff. Another good guy friend of ours said, “You do know that’s what most guys look for, right?

Do they really?

It’s like the movie with Mel Gibson, What Women Want. If only we would telepathically transmit our thoughts to guys and they can act appropriately, satisfying our innermost desires. I can say honestly, that when I want a guy to do something for me, I don’t usually tell him. I think it in my mind and hope for the best, which usually never happens anyway.

Back to what my friend said about traits in guys. I long for a guy who is romantic, at the same time not too clingy. I like flowers (which girl doesn’t?) but I haven’t been given a bunch before, so that is how sad my love life has been. I want to be cuddled, to be held, to be told that he’ll protect me. None of that really happened.

Is it really so hard to get a romantic guy?

All the good, decent and nice guys are usually taken, well because of their positive traits.

I don’t know how soon I’d be ready to begin a new relationship, given all the trauma i’ve been in lately. My friend said, I’ll know when it is right. I just hope I actually listen to my inner voice. Listen and follow my heart.

P/S: Don’t mind the random babbling, I just don’t feel like writing in my blog because of the certain memories it brings up, so I’m doing it here.

2 thoughts on “As I Had Expected

  1. I’ve never been given flowers either!
    Someone needs to educate me now on how to hint to the boyfriend. 😛

  2. alynna: they can never take hints. outright tell him or better still, stick a giant post-it on his mirror 😛

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