This has got to be the epitome of desperateness, or as Edrei told me last night “Why so desperate one?”

Well, a friend of mine decided that she wanted me to try and set her up with a guy, after a whole set of failed attempts at relationships. This came after I ranted to her that I needed a blind date for a social life. When we both gave each other 2 choices of guys each, we realised we do need to get out more often, seeing that the few guys we know are just not right for either of us.

Then we both agreed to set each other up for blind dates. Good quality guys are just very rare and well, let’s just say with both of us trying to be set up by one another it’s kinda pathetic in a way. But at the same time, this is probably a good time to enjoy life, being young and everything with the future ahead of us.

When I told Ed this last night, let’s just say the conversation was rather interesting.

Me: I’m being set up on a blind date
Ed: Huh? Why? Let them come to you. Why so desperate one?
Me: For the fun of it.

The rest of the conversation was pretty much petty talk. But letting the guys come to me? A rather interesting concept, since I seem to either attract sleazebags who want to get into my pants or I’m attracted to guys whos agenda is to be good friends. Only. Nothing else.

Given the bad history I have, I’d take on a blind date for the fun of it. See what happens.

Maybe I should write an ad depicting my singleness and see what happens…huhuhu…Now that will be interesting. But that’s for another time.

Right now, I’m gonna fly off to hand in my asignment and be done with it and go shopping in the city! Whee!!

One thought on “Desperados

  1. Never mind what Edrei said… 🙂

    I don’t think that’s a reflection of being desperate. Well, maybe a little… but you never know the kind of people you meet on blind dates. They might turn out to be interesting people – people who , although you may not see them in a romantic sense, may turn out to be the best of friends.

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