Guest Blog Post #1: The Hypochondriac That I Am

Well, I’ve just been invited by Edrei to guest blog here, while he’s away in Mackay for a week during Easter Break. Just a little introduction, I’m Kristine, 20 years old, currently studying for a BSc (Occupational Therapy) in Perth, have a blog at Met Edrei a little over a year ago, back in Malaysia at a blog gathering.

Thanks go to Edrei for allowing me to write here, and thanks for being there when it counts the most in life. Thanks for allowing me to obsess with this during the 2 week break, after such a dreadful week that has just past.

It is quite hard to do a guest post here, as Edrei’s writing is usually to a very high standard, while my blog is just filled up once in a while when I feel extremely emotional or really am bursting to write something down. Now, I’m just lost for words.

*I swear i had everything figured out in the shower just now*

Well, this is one of the noodle posts that Edrei doesn’t like, and now I’m invading his site with this. He’s so going to kill me when he gets back.

Just last semester, when I had to take Neuroscience as one of my units, I was so bummed out. I had heard rumours that 25% of the students fail the unit on the first attempt, which is a rather big number considering that our course consisted of roughly 116 students. Also the fact that studying the brain, which is THE major control organ of the body, seemed rather daunting at that stage.

Then came the day where we were supposed to test our cranial nerve functions, which is sort of like hitting your knee with a hammer, just not literally. So while testing my nerve functions, I was asked to stick out my tongue, to see if the hypoglossal nerve (sorry for those who don’t do anatomy!) was innervating my tongue was working. It was working, but….

don't mind the weird picture

As you can see, its not straight as you would imagine. Now don’t go thinking dirty thoughts…Anatomy really does make our brains go whack, with learning about the penis and clitoris during lecture today, but that’s an entirely different story altogether.

Back to my tongue. Well, with my lab partner testing my nerve, she saw the curvature of my tongue and lo and behold, I became a class specimen, since nobody has ever seen a curved tongue before. Thinking my nerve was damaged, or some other brain function was damaged, I was in a rather hyper mode you would say.

As you can see, I’m a mild hypochondriac. After every psychiatry lecture I attend, I’ve been known to associate myself with the disorder that is being lectured about that day. My friends have asked me, “Why do you want to have those disorders anyway?

I really don’t want to, I just think I have them. Though sometimes, I’d say that I want to have them, so as to attract some attention: Hey, look at me! I’ve got some weird disorder!”

Or maybe I’m just weird.

Well, this is the end of my first post here. Hope I haven’t bored you so much that you won’t come back again!

*Runs away and hides face in shame*

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  1. Thanks! Well, my blog is usually very mundane and boring that nobody reads it, so that’s why I said that. Thanks for the support đŸ™‚

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