It’s The Little Things

I just moved houses recently and I’m still adapting to the changes that come with a move. I’m currently without wireless internet and attached to the modem with a cable. Edrei calls me weak cause I can’t detach from the web but I’d like to think I’m just attached to it.

One thing I’ve learned with the move is there are many things in life that I take for granted. I realised I take for granted how I don’t pay rent because I live with relatives. I don’t pay food bills, electricity bills, gas bills and the lot. I’ve taken for granted how I have a car and how I used to have to bus it everywhere and end up with soggy jeans cause some crazy driver drove over a puddle and it splashed on me.

It’s those little things in life that sometimes really capture me.

Just today I was visiting the Maritime Museum with a friend and we were looking at artefacts hundreds of years old and I began to wonder, did those people then also think about things I think about today? Albeit we’re far more advanced technology wise but I like to think that sometime long ago, there was a 22 year old girl, wondering about the meaning of her life.

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