Locker Room Talk

Lately I’ve been getting into the routine of at least doing some form of exercise each day. Tuesday was gym, yesterday was a nice run to the foreshore (pity I forgot my camera, good sunlight for taking pictures), and today was yet another 1 hour session at the gym.

I surprise myself sometimes. I was too lazy to get out of bed today, and yet I made it to the gym for a good solid hour and 15 mins working out and pushing myself to the limits. I’ve never been one to really take gym seriously, but now all I’ve been thinking about is how to organize my busy lifestyle so I can fit in some gym time.

I must say, going to the gym does help in terms of getting me out of the cramped room I’m holed up in most of the time. Heck, I can’t think of bad effects from the gym, aside from over doing it and ending up with sore muscles the next day. Big doH!

I feel quite bad that I scarfed down that huge chicken schnitzel with avocado right after gym today. Bah…I deserve it. Meh…Sometimes I think i dialogue too much with myself.

Just yesterday I made a friend of mine visit this blog, since I’m guest blogging here and everything, and the first thing his eyes gravitated to was the post with the word penis in it. Next thing he saw was the words penis and clitoris that I blogged about a few days back. If I could reach over the internet and swiped him on the head, I would.

All I did was ask him what did he think of my writing, since nobody does comment in my blog, I’d want a good friend’s opinion on it. Hmm…I’m convinced he’s thinking with the other head. Which brought us to a very akward silence on MSN. Suddenly talking about penises and clitorises was too much for him.

I quote him:

“dun wanna listen about some other fella’s maharajah’s”

I nearly fell off the chair, trying to hide my laughter when I read that. My aunty was nearby, so it was quite an effort to be hiding something like that. Apparently my frank discussion about the male genitalia was quite disturbing for him.

Oh well, that’s pretty much the price to pay when you see cadaver’s genitalia every week and watch your male tutor manhandle them. Was seriously quite a sight. My anatomy tutor is what you would call brazen. He’ll be drawing pictures of hips,  but he makes it look like balls hanging in the front. All the guys in the lecture looked a whee bit quesy after that session. My tutor flips the cadaver’s privates (pardon the pun) to make way to show us the lower leg muscles.

And since males have bigger leg muscles, almost all the specimens are males. Quite an interesting sight when you think that my entire tute group is made up of girls. We’ll be talking about the sizes, trying to make out of the specimen is a male or female, gawk at the size of it and imagine the pain when the cadaver’s penis is sliced lengthwise.

I guess I better stop now, before Edrei comes back and kills me for polluting his blog. Plus, I’ve got another 700 words to write for my assignment which is due in tomorrow and I have already wasted a good part of the day day-dreaming.

Do e-mail me if you want more crazy and whacky anatomy stories 😛

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