Sprucing Things Up

Since Ed almost never puts pictures up here, I thought I’d create some random story with pictures, since I’m officially on Easter Break for 2 weeks and I feel like being crazy today (no fair to everyone else who got today off).


One day, Edrei picked up a Rubik’s cube, and saw that it was in such an utter mess that he decided to fix it, like he always does. So, a-fixing the cube he goes. Till suddenly…


The cube gave this enormous static shock to me, who so unfortunately happened to be standing and looking in awe at his cube solving skills, but refuses to touch the cube in fear of failure to solve it. So there I was, sitting innocently, watching…when I ended up like this

Oh Brother!

This is every girl’s worst nightmare. Bad hair. No matter. I quickly brandished my straightener and curler and tried to rectify the problem.

And thus, I’ve managed to transform the above bad hair to this:


Ahh…see, now do you understand my fear of the Rubik’s Cube, Ed? Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to conquer that fear and actually try it.

Oh sue me. So I’m vain and I like to post pictures of myself on other people’s blogs 😛

Not to mention that I’m dying my hair soon, so I’m trying to make my last few brownish hair days last before I go blondish 😛

Now I’m actually terrified to dye in blondish with highlights. Anyone willing to photoshop the picture and attempt to talk me out of it? I have no idea what colour it’ll turn out to be, cause people tell me that if you use the Loreal dye and highlights kit wrongly, your hair will turn orange. Last thing I need to to be walking around uni with orange hair, being gawked at and hit on by strange guys at uni.

Speaking on being hit on by strange guys, I had the guy who makes my morning cup of coffee at the Curtin Concept Store try to pick me up today, at freaking 9.30am, before I had my caffeine fix. Interesting, cause he looks and sounds gay, no offence to such people out there. Just that this guy had this rather girly high pitched voice and does the hand flips. Oh well, I’ll put up with it as long as he gives me good coffee for my early classes and the best blueberry muffins on campus 🙂

Won’t put up with guys who pretend to care and comfort a girl when she is emotionally vulnerable and takes advantage of her. Those are one of the most despicable low lifes ever to walk on the face of the earth. If I could go back to the other day when some bastard, who shall not be named, tried to bloody grope me, I’d have handled it very differently.

For one, I’d have given him a tight slap to the face and next kick him in the nuts. That’s for trying to take advantage of a girl who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Next, i’ll engage in psychological warfare, taught by the great Edrei when it comes to playing with people’s mind. Lead him on, be hot and cold and then publicly humiliate him and take the control back from him.

This post has taken a 180 degree turn. I seriously hope Ed doesn’t kill me for this. He’ll be back soon enough, putting me back to write in my blog 😛

5 thoughts on “Sprucing Things Up

  1. honey: well, it was a really random thing. just thought I’d share my weird and whacky nature with Ed’s blog readers 😛

    silly pat: lessons on psychological warfare or the cube?

  2. silly pat: ooo…his psychological warfare techniques are good 🙂

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