‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly And Poor

Once again, Edrei has gone for a much needed and well deserved holiday and handed me the reins to his blog for a while 🙂

For those who don’t know me, I’ve guest blogged here before in June or July this year and am now back taking over Edrei’s blog while he has a good Yuletide holiday. Knowing Edrei, it won’t be long before he comes online to check what I have been doing with his blog.
I run my own blog here, which is aptly titled “Fragments of Disjointed Thoughts” because my thoughts jump around so much, when I am able to blog. This current blog of mine is relatively new and is constantly being tweaked when I get the chance to in between work and studying.

Christmas is too overrated and commercialized for my liking. Nowadays it always seems to be about the gifts, who gets the most and the most extravagant gifts, and who throws the best parties and so on. Admittedly, I caved in and bought the kids some presents just cause being kids, they don’t really understand the whole meaning of Christmas and everything. And plus, it is a nice way to end the year with them.

All the gift buying has thrown my budget totally out of whack for the next 3 months, even though I’ve tried to only spend a very minimal amount on the presents. When I told Edrei how I spent my pocket money, this was his retort: Wah, you so rich ah? Let’s not forget Christmas presents to myself in the forms of movie tickets and clothes, so that would explain a little of where the money went.
Speaking about money, a friend of mine brought up the topic about retirement. I’m 20, turning 21 next month, so retirement is something that really didn’t bother right up till the other day. If you take roughly the amount of expenses you incur as living expenses and factor in the interest rates and depreciations of your vehicle and appreciation of property prices (I’m not a commerce student, but I try :)), you’re looking at a very hefty retirement budget.

I suppose she hammered a point in my head about how we have to frantically save every cent we earn when we’re young to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. So now, I’m working my butt off during holidays and saving up for all the debts I’m incurring by the second.

The moral of this post? Don’t drive yourselves nuts this festive season. Have a good holiday and Merry Christmas! I’ll be back for more installments in between dashing back and forth between work and playing tour guide to my parents who are flying to Perth on Wednesday. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly And Poor

  1. Hie kristine! Nice to see you again!

    On a random note, I miss the Christmas of old, where it was NOT about the presents. Sigh…

  2. Hey Pat!

    I miss that Christmas too. I wish I didn’t have to buy all them presents. Christmas has sort of lost its meaning to me already. Doesn’t feel like Christmas at all now.

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