10 Reasons To Bleed…

I am sick and tired.

Sick and tired of waiting for something good to happem.

Sick and tired of trying to hard to be accepted.

Sick and tired of being hurt at every waking moment.

Sick and tired of fighting hard on all sides.

Sick and tired of seeing people quit on themselves.

Sick and tired of standing by watching helplessly as things fall apart.

Sick and tired of trying to be strong.

Sick and tired of being the only person who can take care of himself.

Sick and tired of moving on alone.

Sick and tired of everything.

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Bleed…

  1. We all have to fight our own battles. That is how life is. Every morning, there is a battle raging within me whether to get up and grab what the day has to offer or laze in bed and let the world go by. I chose the former. I am not going down without a fight. Giving up is not an option for me. I have come too far to just give it all up. You have so much going for you. If I can do it, I am absolutely sure you can do better. Take care mate.

  2. I think you missed the little key line in a lot of my posts Pete.

    I am sick and tired of fighting so much things in so little time alone.

    Getting up is one battle…pushing higher and keeping it there is another. It’s one I’m desperately loosing ground because I don’t have the strength to hold on anymore.

  3. who says you dont have the strength? you just havent realised its existence. we are all sick and tired at a point in our life. but without all these sick and tired days we have nothing to benchmark our happiness against. the more sick and tired you have been through, the more meaningful and blessed u will find ordinary days to be. hope this makes sense to you. i am sick and tired too.

  4. I never said I don’t have strength.

    I said I’m tired to being strong all the time.

    I’m not superman…which is reference to my previous posts I wrote before. There is a war that needs to be fought in life and I feel like I’m always on the front line never having time to myself because every moment you have to both survive AND push foward at the same time while everyone else stays at a safe distance.

  5. If you can, then maybe it’s time to step back from everything and let things be for now, and take some time out for yourself. No one can be superman all the time.

    Take care now.

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