A Little Blogger Apathy

Then you too many things on my mind, sometimes, you can’t think of anything to write. So you write them all down as best you can and hope they stay as coherant as you thought it up in your head. Sometimes they just come up as a random list of mismatched poetry.

Quite like this one.

The joy of having one problem off the list.
The pain of knowing there is still a shitload more to go.

The joy of knowing I have friends.
The pain of knowing that they are nowhere near me.

The joy making sure I stay as sane as I can.
The pain of drawing every bleeding line slowly.

The joy of of knowing that there is someone like you out there.
The pain of knowing some things will always be out of my reach.

The joy of knowing that nothing in life is ever impossible.
The pain of knowing in the end…everyone pays their price for the war.

Quite like that one indeed.

One thought on “A Little Blogger Apathy

  1. Hey…

    Although friends may not be around you all the time but believe that their presence will be there for you all the time.

    That is how I stay sane… Lols…

    Cheer up!!! *huggles*

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