Blog Meets: The Love and Miss Affair

One of the reasons why I keep blogging is perfectly obvious. I just want to be…part of something. It is no secret that blogging has become my number one means of socialising especially in…my present condition. Even so…my present condition doesn’t allow me much room to take socialized blogging to its full potential. Let me explain why in so words.

I’m at least a few hundred miles from blogging society.

I know there may be people who may think otherwise, but social events that tie in to blogging has always been the icing on a very fine cake. Ok…so I’m not always the most sociable person in the world. For the most part, I’m akin to the bloke who sits at the corner of the pub enjoying his pint of beer while doing a crossword puzzle (which incidentally is what I do during happy hour except you substitute the crossword puzzle with a rubiks cube), but at the end of it…I always do enjoy meeting up with other bloggers face to face. It means something to me.

So it’s not hard when you realise that recently that there are and have been a lot of blog meets recently of my own community and niche that I missed out on. It’s just things like that that get me down because I know for a fact that I’m missing out on a lot of things. Those little opportunities that go somewhere and take you places, that’s what I’m missing out on…that’s what I kept on blogging to be a part of. For a information sponge…things like that are a motherload given the right questions at a right time. Damned when I’m missing it all.

Don’t say I haven’t tried to make it up for it by trying to find people who blog around here, but you do have to understand, I live in a place where I can walk out the front door and walk past kangaroos grazing in the still cold morning air. It ain’t exactly a bustling city metropolis. Which ends up with the best responses on blogging going like this:


Absolutely charming.

I suppose at the end of it, there is still nothing I can do in my present condition and I just have to ride out all the opportunities lost till I get back…then hopefully make up for it with lots and lots of social events that would otherwise exhaust the poor mental state of mine. Hey never say I didn’t try hard enough…my problem is always the other way round.

So here is to all the blog meets I’ve missed, am missing and will miss. As Sashi told me, what I’m doing here is more important than any blog meet and he’s right. There will be other opportunities, other times where I can make my connections with people I hardly know. Right now, I just have something to do…but it doesn’t stop me from imagining what I could have. It never does at all.

7 thoughts on “Blog Meets: The Love and Miss Affair

  1. Edrei Appreciation Day! Coming soon to a Megamall near you! All bloggers, young or old, male or female, hot or not, etc are welcome! 😀

  2. Edrei Appreciation Day ?? lol, we’ll have strippers for him. Beer, booze…the works.

    wait…actually all we need is to send him to the artic to meet up with the penguins.

  3. well, first and foremost…if u think why am still on 98…hehe, well no idea myself…but i have survived so far…and will be getting my new com soon..;)

    and, as for your post, it’s really a great read man..honestly…

    well, can’t stay cocooned forever can we? have to put the past behind us…no matter what has happened. plus, i respect that you’re the type that prefers to go unnoticed in the corner…but sometimes, as you’ve shown here by throwing yourself into the limelight helping others, it’s alright to step up and into prominence.

    just my 2 cents mate…cheers! keep up the fantastic work…=)

    PS:great read, and will be back soon enuff…for more of corz..hehe…

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