Chickybabe For The Lonely Night

It’s late. I’m home alone. I’ve got plenty of thoughts to myself which isn’t good.

  1. Friendship is often put to the test when you people meet someone new. When nights of comfort in the face of sadness are rendered moot for the new person. You know you’ve been cast aside.
  2. Voices that speak to you when no one around never really changes despite being a different person. They are always loud, scary and tell you to do the things you try hard not to do.
  3. There is always camaraderie between geeks. Especially when they are willing to lend you shows that are worth watching. Doctor Who comes to mind…
  4. Every once in a while you have to remember that your partner needs to keep their social life too. Which is why Mel is probably sleeping off the effects of alcohol at a friends place. Good on her because I had work to do.
  5. This isn’t the first time nor it will be the last time I lost a friend to distance. It doesn’t hurt any less no matter how much you try and hide it from people.
  6. Realizing that you’ve taken for granted your friend as a needful emotional outlet is one thing. Realizing that you have to close off the rest of your heart to save yourself the pain of losing that emotional outlet is a slightly more difficult matter to manage.
  7. While drowning your sorrows in alcohol may seem like a good idea. Cracking open an expensive bottle of imported special edition Jim Bean for that purpose isn’t just crazy, it’s downright stupid.

If I’m still awake by the time you read this. You know I need someone to talk to.

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she does her set of random thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Lonely Night

  1. 1. Why not join in?
    2. Hmm… you know how I feel about dangerous thoughts.
    3. I like the new Dr Who! And geeks rule!
    4. Time apart is good at times.
    5. Been there many times so I relate. It doesn’t get easier but I work hard to maintain those friendships.
    6. If you can divert that emotional outlet elsewhere for a while it might help.
    7. Yep. Save the good stuff for better occasions.

  2. 1. Because they don’t want you in their life?
    2. That I do. Maybe I shouldn’t trade voices with you.
    3. I still miss Tom Baker and surprisingly Christopher Eccleston as my favourite Doctors though. Geeks rule!!
    4. Always good. It’s not like we’re Siamese twins. 🙂
    5. Then when do you know that some just can’t be maintained anymore?
    6. Most of my emotional outlets are very bad habits. Hard to find new ones in a hurry.
    7. Like spending time with you ChickyBabe, that comes to mind. 🙂

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