Conversation Is A Hard Street To Cross

“Talking is easy. Carrying a two way conversation is much harder.”

Unfortunately for some of us, that’s the reason why we blog. It’s good enough for some people to blog about whatever they think or feel devoid of any consideration what people would think or say. For people like that, it is both a dichotomy of good and bad. Good in the sense that you’re not limited to what people think about you, bad in the sense that people have a tendency to be irresponsible for what they are saying.

Yet because of that, the weight of comments seem to be dwindling evermore. It’s easy for us to want to express our thoughts from the freedom and stage of our own blogs, but I find less and less people feel compelled to comment about what’s been written, let alone have enough substance to carry a conversation past what’s been written.

That’s what’s been missing from a lot of blogs of late, including mine. Or maybe in retrospect, it’s just missing from my blog. I started to blog because I want a platform to express my thoughts, but its expression alone isn’t enough. For the most part, I want to know that whatever you’re thinking isn’t just a silent acknowledgement of my thoughts. I want to know whether you have a different perspective to whatever my thoughts are. I want to talk to you not as someone standing on a stage with a booming voice, but as someone you can sit down in a nice cafe and just exchange your piece of mind.

While it feels nice to connect with your readers, it’s nicer to have them become your friends. You can’t do that when a blog still looks as if you’re following the “I talk, you listen” format. Yet even if you do take steps to ensure that you’re inviting as much people to comment as possible, the reality is that people really won’t bother. Too many of us are far too preoccupied with getting the best out the comments or posts to bring it up to a level where the conversation actually starts.

In my quest to find acknowledgement of my peers and a place where I can belong, maybe I am trying to hard and taking some things a little too seriously. Or maybe other people take what they have for granted. I’m far too tired to constantly be putting up with hard written thoughts that don’t even get as much as a peep much less something you can discuss.

I miss the times when personal blogs meant people can talk about their personal lives and relate it to yours. I miss the times when you made friends out of your blogs and not because you were keeping up with the neighbours.

Some days you have no choice but to blog because you have a reason for it. Your words meant only for yourself and no other. Other days it just makes no sense because no one is ever going to pay attention. Your thoughts left scattered in the sea of data, unremarked and ignored over posts that make even less sense. It just makes me sick to the stomach to think about it and kills the spirit of blogging altogether.

2 thoughts on “Conversation Is A Hard Street To Cross

  1. Could it be that others are busy? I haven’t had time to blog surf until now. I guess blogging and commenting can be a burden sometimes. It’s hard to keep up with reading and producing.

    Commenting isn’t easy either. A lot of thought is needed in hopes of conveying the right meaning or intention. It’s two way communication but not in real time. Then there’s the occasions when one wonders whether one has the right to comment because we don’t really know the person as a blog reveals merely a small facet of his/her entire being.

    I do agree with this post though. I have at some point enjoyed the sense of community and friendship. I guess it’s always sad to feel ignored or invisible or unwanted.

  2. Blogs is just something people can relate to because well we’re all here, but some things don’t just encompass the blogs. Some conversations pass through to real life and its even sadder that they aren’t fulfilled there as well.

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